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I'm just curious what most of you are aiming for. Is it a diploma, associate's, bachelor's, master's, phd? I'm applying to diploma and associate's programs first because I want to be able to work... Read More

  1. by   studentinnursing
    I'm pretty much where you're at. I am only in my second semester of prereq's but have every single semester planned, no summers off, and will be applying in spring for ADN (but actually have one of my BSN classes done). I talked to the admissions coordinator and with my GPA I should be able to get in first pass (and I moved exactly a year ahead, got lucky there, cause I had to be a resident of the county to get "first pass" possible). And, yes, I actually moved after one semester to a school that not only has a BSN but that is close to where I want to do my Master's (CRNA or Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Research), but I already know the school too LOL--but I can do any of those things there, and it's a research hospital/university. I made the move because eventually I would need to move for my Master's, no university close, and my kids were young--moving one in middle school I thought would be harder than moving a second grader, and the other is even younger. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one. I have researched every single one of the above, but of course will not know what I want to specialize in until I'm on the floor and caring for my patients, then I should know exactly what I want to do. BSN with CCRN cert is what I'm going for first, then I'll decide . . . Good luck to you!
  2. by   studentinnursing
    Quote from queen777
    Personally I thought I would follow all of those steps too, but things happened and not for my good either. So my advice is not to get so excited because when the wall comes tumbling down so will your desires. You will get kicked in the teeth so many times you will sit and wonder "why me?" Is this why I went into nursing? Just read some of these horror stories on here and soon you will get the picture.
    Not trying to rain on your parade, just telling it like it is! I never met so many back stabbing women in my life as when I started the nursing program! And if you think for one minute you are going to change things or make it better, you are dreaming.
    You sound very young and like you have not been around much. The medical field is only for those who can make it as a total bi**h and don't mind being one either! I was totally green too and had all of these fine dreams just ripped right out of my heart and the strange thing is, that these women who were so mean and arrogant to me didn't even know me! Just watch your back and don't make waves. The less you say the better.
    Just take one day-at-a-time.
    Wow, sounds scary. I personally don't care what the "mean" (for nicer word) people/nurses/doctors think. I know what I am going to do each day and that is care for my patients--I know insurance problems et cetera are going to make me very mad always, but what I can do is put my patients at ease no matter what is happening around me or them. It sounds like you don't think it is possible, but I'm still a dreamer and I think it is. If you're just not comfortable, that's another story, but I will just change jobs (yes, just change jobs) if it's an uncomfortable environment; that I will not tolerate. Synergy is what you need in any situation, and I'll find it somewhere. Sun is shining on my parade still!
  3. by   jjsrn1
    My goal is to earn an MSN to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I would like to combine my public health knowledge with nursing and do a combination of research, teaching, and seeing patients. Applying to direct-entry programs this Fall.
  4. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    I'm still working on core classes towards my BSN, I have an application in to get my ADN, and I want to be an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. The Health and Science Center here in San Antonio has a dual program where you can earn your Bachelors and Master's at the same time. It will go quicker than you all think! The world isn't a nice place, but that doesn't mean we have to compromise our dreams. Good luck to all of you.

  5. by   RN2Be77
    My long term goal is to be one of the best nurse that I can be to my future patients!
  6. by   Shandra2008
    My goals: Get my ADN in 2 years! ( Would like to be done Dec. 2011)
    Get My BSN in an year! ( Would like to be done Dec. 2012)
    Get my MSN CRNA in 2 years!

    I would like to be done with everything by the time I turn 30! I'm 22 now! So I have a little time!
  7. by   www.angel29
    I want to get my ADN, go 4 my BSN, then go 4 the Masters Degree to practice as a Nurse Practioner, maybe even go further higher in education