what to do next..NEED SOME ADVICE

  1. hi there,
    Ive completed all of my prerequisites and corequisites

    Anatomy D repeated: B+
    Microbiology D repeated: B
    Physiology B
    Chemistry B
    Speech B
    intro psychology B
    developmental psychology B
    english B, B+
    sociology B
    Nutrition C+

    Im currently attending a community college and I need to transfer because I dont want to do ADN... so in order to transfer i need to take a math class...unfortunately i wasnt placed on the one i needed..so i have to take a remedial class.. im currently registered for that remedial class and a statistics class for the fall...that was a mistake made by the comp because im not allowed to take statistics before taking that remedial math class.. however, i went to see an advisor and she told me to go ahead and try to take both since I went up to precalculus in high school... so here is my dilemma...should i wait to apply in december for nursing school for the fall of 2007..which will give me two semesters to complete those two math classes...or should i go ahead and apply for spring 2007 in case im able to take both classes? i dont know what to do...and the deadline is august 31

    Aside from that, since ive completed all of my classes for nursing..and still have to wait to take those math classes...my advisor told me to go ahead and take 3 or 4 more classes more to get an associate in liberal studies... Do you think this will be of any good?

    Also, im extremely worried about my grades...at a quick glance i'd think they were good grades..but are they good enough for nursing? ive also had to repeat 2 classes.. anatomy and microbiology...i was right out of high school and very ignorant and didnt think of the consequences when i didnt study for those classes..do you think this will lower my chances of getting into a nursing program...im so scared..i hope im not the only one...

    well thankyou for reading all of this..please offer me any advise..
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  3. by   AZmom
    Before you commit yourself to this university, I'd ask around and see what the going GPA is to get into the nursing program. Many schools are extremely competitive; an under 3.0 GPA might be enough, but it might not.....in which case you're looking at retaking a bunch of courses to raise your GPA or transferring to another institution with less stringent standards.
  4. by   allthingsbright
    I agree, can you get into a BSN program w/ your grades? Everything is SOOOO competitive out there--the BSN programs I know of have cut off at 3.7 and 3.8 because there are so many people trying to get in. I can't get in w/ my 3.44, so I am going ADN to BSN.

    You may need to get your ADN first. Apply to all the programs you can--and do it ASAP, it will be hard to get into anything. Good luck!
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    Yeah, you need to check into the recent cut-offs for the schools you want to get in to.

    As for the math, I'd say take it if you can and feel comfortable taking it. My sister was placed in a remedial class, and after the first day of class, she was bored because she just needed a quick refresher -- not a whole semester of remedial math.
  6. by   AggieQT
    I agree with the posts above, I would make an appointment with an admissions counselor and bring a copy of your transcript.... the first time i took my classes I made Bs in my sciences and the admissions people told me to retake and make As. In fact most of the people in my classes are retaking for the 2nd 3rd and 4th times!!! Also be sure you ask the place you are trying to transfer to if they EVEN take reattempts. Some schools limit it to only 2 tries... I would make a list of all my questions and go meet with admissions.

    Im not trying to discourage you, believe me, Ive been in your shoes before... just keep your head held high and DONT let anyone tell you that you cant do it... just keep trying!!!