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I am just curious what type of TEAS scores are accepted by other schools and how they judge the score. At my school you have to make an 80 or above to apply. It is a 4 yr BSN. I don't know anything... Read More

  1. by   danielaldis
    Hi there! My school, Santa Fe Community College requires a minimum score of around 70%. The truth is that no one with a 70 gets in. They basically give points for your TEAS score- your pre-req GPA, and you get one point for being in district and another point for having health/medical work experience. I took the TEAS once without studying (I know- dumb!), but since you can take it twice at my school I figured I would take it again if I didn't like my score. I got an 83.4. I am going to apply this January for one of 8 slots in an accelerated ADN for people who already have a B.S.

    I am also applying for the next regular program that starts in Fall at the same time. If I don't get into either- then I will retake the test and start over. I have been advised that I should have no problem getting in. My GPA is 4.0.

    One of our pre-req classes is a 5 credit CNA licensure course. If I don't get in, I'll just work as a CNA and then apply again. I'll get the xtra point for having work experience and hopefully will do better on the TEAS if taken again...

    I will keep you all posted!
  2. by   jennlynn87
    Quote from Paco386
    At UCF (University of Central Florida), this next application period for the BSN (both accelerated and basic I suppose) is the first time they are requiring TEAS. Their website states "Pass the standardized Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) with a composite score of 74% or above" with no further specifics besides the website links. Will have to find out whether that's a composite of the entire test or just the reading and math parts. Since no other graduates or current students have taken the TEAS for this school, we don't have an average to go by ... I guess this next applicant pool will set the standard, but I don't know if that is a good thing (!!!!)

    The composite score of 74% means 74 in each section or the overall grade of the teas exam??
    thanks~please reply
  3. by   MotivatedOne
    Quote from jennlynn87
    The composite score of 74% means 74 in each section or the overall grade of the teas exam??
    thanks~please reply

    Composite score refers to your overall score.

    The percentile refers to sectional grades/scores.