What school are you waiting for???

  1. just wondering where everyone is waiting to get in at??? i am waiting for wallace state community college in hanceville alabama??? from what i hear i will not know until sometime in may!!!!! :spin:
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  3. by   crissy2629
    I'm waiting at CCRI in Rhode Island. I've been on the waiting list since August 06 and I'm hoping to start in January 08.
  4. by   Kare117
    l'm waiting for BCC in Mass..... Who knows when???? I already got my letter from Cape Cod Community... rejected
  5. by   Monty78
    I am waiting to hear back from Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, FL. I won't know anything until first week of July! The wait is killing me. Its for the RN program.

    Good luck to everyone!

  6. by   kyky22
    I'm waiting for Univ. of Md, who said that I should be hearing from them within the next two weeks and Montgomery college, which doesn't notify until June. I am getting sooooo impatient!!!
  7. by   sandsandly
    I am waiting for Hocking college in OH,and I will start in Jau.2008.
  8. by   RNDreamer
    waiting for Pace U. in NY for the acc BSN this fall
  9. by   Northstar Angel
    I'm waiting for UAA (Anchorage, Alaska) though the program is a satellite in Juneau. I wont know the the fall!!!!!
  10. by   Butterfly3001
    I am waiting to hear from two colleges here in Florida. One from Santa Fe Community College and the other is Lake City Community College. I won't know anything until June for Lake City and July for Santa Fe. Keep me in your prayers. This is my second try with Santa Fe and my first with Lake City.
  11. by   nurse2btracy
    I am waiting for Beth Israel and NYU. I have already been rejected from Nassau Community College.
  12. by   FAworld
    I'm waiting for Sierra College, a cc in California.
  13. by   veronica77
    Waiting for GWCC in Claifornia.....Good luck everyone!!!!
  14. by   ahartvigson
    Good Luck you all!

    I am applying this winter for University of South Dakota - hopefully the internet program. If things don't happen here for whatever reason, then when we return home in 2010 I'll start trying for UAA as well.