What I have learned about nursing...from allnurses.com

  1. What I have learned about nursing from allnurses.com....

    OK, this will sound very naive from someone who wants to be a nurse, but I did not know that nurses (well, I guess mainly RN's) did care plans for patients :imbar

    I assumed that a care plan was made by their attending doctor and the nurses executed the orders.

    There are also many terms, acronyms, and abbreviations I've read on other forums and I have no idea what they mean.

    I guess I will in time, even though I'm going for my LPN now and hopefully RN in a few more years.

    What have you learned about nursing from allnurses.com that you didn't know?
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  3. by   chubbi

    I didn't know that RN's did careplans either. I always thought the physician did the careplans...that's interesting.

  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Nursing Care Plans are NOT what physicians utilize when writing orders.