What does the test entail?

  1. What exactly comes on the tests you need to take before entrance to the nursing program? Will we need to know Chem and college algebra? *getting freaked a bit* Im still taking pre-reqs so Its next year before I can apply but just checking anyway
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Do you know which entrance exams your programs will require? There are different ones.
  4. by   Shooting4RN
    No I'm not sure. I think the pamphlet says there is an entrance test but doesn't specify which one. One of my girlfriends just got accepted there though so I guess I could ask her. Shes just hard to catch lol
  5. by   vashtee
    You will need to know basic algebra. Chemistry is advisable (whether the program requires it or not) because the medication calculations you will be doing are formulated the same way as the stoichiometry from chemistry. The people in my program who didn't take chemistry had a harder time with the math.
  6. by   Shooting4RN
    ok I know the basics of algerbra *phew* and by the time I apply I will have had at least 1 chem course (scary)..... Thanks
  7. by   vashtee
    You should be fine, then. It really isn't a very hard test (at least *I* didn't think so, and neither did my classmates).

    They will also want you to do some reading for comprehension.
  8. by   LMRN10
    Definitely check with your friend or call your school to find out which entrance exam you will be taking. I took the NLN Pre-Entrance Exam and in my opinion, it wasn't exactly easy. What may seem easy for some is not so easy for others. Math & Science I usually did fine on, but coulnd't figure out the Vocab. I went in the first time thinking I would do awesome on the vocab (after all, I WAS born in the US and have spoken this language my entire life), but I was horribly wrong. So, don't go into this test without studying or thinking you know it all - definitely get the NLN pre-entrance exam study guide. And just as a side-note, don't be discouraged if you don't pass the first time - most people I know had to take it at least a couple of times before getting a decent grade.

    If it is a different test, they should have study guides for those tests as well (do a search on google) as I think some of the other ones are a little different as far as what they cover.

    Whatever test it is, best of luck to you!!!