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Hello, For all the people who are taking anatomy in spring 2007, what book are you using? I just bought "Primary Anatomy" by John V. Basmajian. It's almost 400 pages!! I'll try to devote most of... Read More

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    HI Snoozie64,

    Did your Saladin 4th Ed. come with the 4 disk cd/dvd, too? I purchased mine from school used for $143, but new was appx. $175.00 NOT including the lab manual or the other "optional" books, (coloring book/Photo book). Is your school charging you that much just for the book alone? anything included? Lab manual, etc...? Check out abe books.com-I see that the internaltional soft cover sells for $68.00...

    Good Luck on your search!
    Thanks nursing-gyyyrl,

    I am going to the college bookstore today to see what the book actually looks like. Seems to me for $266 it should come with a tutor - My classes don't start until after the Martin Luther King Holiday, but I know many have already started so good luck to us all this semester!
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