VCU accelerated summer 2009. Anyone hear anything yet?

  1. Just curious if anyone has heard anything yet for the VCU Accelerated program starting summer 2009. Im getting anxious. Thanks!
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  3. by   johnny08
    Hi there! I applied to the accelerated program, too, but according to the website, we won't be hearing back until early February. Only the Traditional BS program hears back in early December. So don't worry!

    Best of luck !
  4. by   keatonhoyle
    Man that is way too long to wait. I talked to some people last year who applied to the accelerated and heard back withing like 6 weeks so who knows. Nice to see another guy who applied. Do you feel your chances are good? i had 3.63 gpa and 3.93 science
  5. by   johnny08
    Gosh, wouldn't that be nice [to hear back w/i 6 weeks]?? When did you get your application in? I only FedEx'd mine right before Thanksgiving; I have SUCH a hard time "letting go" of applications; I keep rereading my essay and making last minute changes!

    I'm still finishing up prereq's (I have an A&P Practical today!), but, so far, I've gotten A's in all my prereq's, so hopefully that will help. Do you know any of the stats, i.e., how many apply/get in, what the average GPA is, etc.?
  6. by   keatonhoyle
    I got my application in at the end of October. I didn't want it to be late. It's pretty much the only school im applying to, i might apply to a couple more soon but I don't know. VCU is what i really want. I still have to take two pre req's...micro/lab and lifespan psych.

    I haven't heard anything about what the avg gpa is, i don't know why the website doesn't have an FAQ section. I saw on another thread though that most people from last years class had 3.75 or something. but ive also heard from my friends from Tech that gothere now and they only had like a 3.3 so I think i should be good hopefully?

    have u always planned to go into nursing?
  7. by   johnny08
    I've only applied to one other school so far (I'll hear back Dec 15th!), but I would really love to go to VCU. I have NOT always known I wanted to go into nursing; my first degree is in Philosophy/Theology/History of Math & Science! I figured out nursing was my "calling" about two years's so weird to think that I'll know about nursing school within the next few months!

    What about you? Have you always known nursing was right for you? Do you have a prior degree--if so, when did you graduate?

    I've hear the GPA stats are different for instate/out of state, and though I live in Norfolk now, I'm still considered "out of state" .
  8. by   keatonhoyle
    I haven't always known..i thought i went to Virginia Tech and was originally a building construction major, didn't like that, checked out business, then i had my tonsils removed and really liked the medical atmosphere so i checked into it. i thought i wanted to be a dr (anesthesiology) but i had a change of heart so now i want to do nurse anesthesia. Better hours, less responsibility, more time with the family, etc. So thats where I am now. trying to get into nursing school first and do that for a few years before i get my masters.
  9. by   TypeA
    I hand delivered mine on Dec. 1 and the poor woman in the admissions office was a bit swamped with applications. Apparently, that stack had just come in. I know people heard before Feb of last year, but 3 days after the deadline is a little unrealistic...don't you think?
  10. by   TeamRVA
    I applied for the Accelerated Women's Health NP program for Summer 2009. I am having a hard time finding information on VCU's website. For instance, does anyone know when in May the program starts? And I should know by Feb, whether or not I got in?

  11. by   LuxCalidaNP
    I just got accepted last week! Actually, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't called...(they had a a typo in the address).
    I have to move across the country in 2 months...eek!
  12. by   Carrig RN
    Which program did you get into?