UTA BSN Online Spring 2019

  1. Hey everyone!
    Just curious as to how many of us are applying to UTA's AO BSN for Spring 2019.

    I'm planning on applying, but scared that I might not get accepted the first time.

    Overall GPA should be roughly 3.06, Science GPA 3.75. 3 considerations.

    I had an advising appointment earlier this week, and she said if I retake History (made a D), it would better my chances, but I am considered 'highly competitive' with my 3 considerations.
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  3. by   _riah
    Hello! I am applying to the Spring 2019 term. What are your considerations?
    I currently have a 3.67 science and overall GPA.
  4. by   JLA48
    That's so exciting, and with that GPA I would imagine you're set. Are you applying for online and campus based?

    My considerations are previous bachelors degree, 30+ hours at UTA, and all science hours at UTA. Do you have any considerations?
  5. by   _riah
    I retook A/P 1 at UTA, and I will have 30 hours of pre-reqs at UTA, and employed by a partner hospital. I am hoping to get into the Online program. But either or will do for me, I am not sure if they allow to apply to both programs at once.
  6. by   JLA48
    From everything I've read, you can apply to both programs at once. I'll have to clarify with my student coordinator or advisor!
    What classes do you have left?
  7. by   marybel_j
    I'm also applying for Spring '19! Super excited to have found this thread!

    - 3.5 overall/science
    - previous bachelors degree from UTA
    - partnered with Cook Children's
    - will be taking the TEAS soon

    Originally from Arlington but currently in Austin so I'm applying for both. Really crossing my fingers for the AO program so I can stay here and just commute to the closest clinical site, though I would totally be willing to move back home for the campus-based one.

    My GPA feels a little bleh but I'm honestly so tired of retaking classes and of this whole process in general. I've been working toward this for like 8 years on/off, I'm 26 & starting to feel pretty old lol. The worst that could happen is getting rejected, right?

    Are you applying to any other programs?
  8. by   JLA48
    Sounds like you've got a great chance of being accepted!! Your GPA isn't horrible, I feel like my 3.1 is totally going to set me back. I've thought about re-taking history (yuck), but I think I'm going to wait on that. I feel ya! I just turned 30 last month, we're not getting any younger!

    I am on the fence about applying to TWU. I had an advising appointment last week and was told that I am "very competitive", BUT TWU doesn't accept intro to nursing or pharmacology from any other school, so I would have to retake both. Also, I can take the HESI for UTA, but have to take TEAS for TWU. Decisions.....

    How about you? Any other programs?
  9. by   marybel_j
    Same! I found out the other day that I can also use my HESI scores. I'm so relieved (for now, at least). I'm planning on applying to Texas Tech's 2nd degree program too, and they require the TEAS. Boo BUT they accept Path from anywhere, I believe.

    Those are really the only two that I'm shooting for as of now
  10. by   marybel_j
    You should try for Tech as well, and definitely TWU. I went there for one semester because I was super determined to get into that program back in 2013. I loved the peacefulness of the campus! Then I completely switched my major and transferred to UTA, I almost wish I hadn't.
  11. by   JLA48
    Have any of you taken statistics yet? I'm REALLY dreading this course. Just found out that all of our tests will be proctored, either on campus (not convenient for an online student) or online through some proctoring service for $20-$30 per test.

    I was enrolled this semester, but dropped and replaced with sociology. I'll either be pairing it with Patho or Pharm this summer or fall.

    Anyone who has taken this course at UTA.... advice is welcome!
  12. by   hannahlknight
    Hey everyone! I am also applying to the AO BSN program for the Spring 2019 start date. I have about a 3.6 GPA and am about to get my BS degree from Texas A&M. I am currently taking some of the nursing pre-requisites online through UTA, but I am not employed by a partner hospital. I am going to take the TEAS in May after I graduate, but I am nervous that I won't get in.

    Does anyone know the average number of applicants they accept each year?
  13. by   nursekaren3
    Hi and thank you @JLA48 for creating this thread! I am considering applying to the online program for spring 2019 too but I am not sure if I'm quite ready. I spoke with an advisor and he recommended for me to apply to UTA for the spring term. I have not completed the pre nursing reqs nor taken the TEAS and I'm not sure about the deadline for the BSN application. I want to finish all the lower division pre reqs at my local community college in order to get an associates degree and then apply to UTA and do the nursing pre reqs ( I plan to have everything ready by the end of Summer II and then move on to UTA). Do you guys think I will be ready to apply for this upcoming spring semester? also, what is the deadline for the BSN application? thank you!
  14. by   bswstudent
    Dumb question, but how do you learn and apply your clinical skills online? How do you do labs?

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