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  1. Well I have not entered nursing school yet, so I hope this is the right area for help for me. All the Nursing Schools I have applied to looks at your culmulative GPA. Well that is a problem for me cause i started off with a different intended major, took some engineering courses, and some other engineering prerquisites that I didn't post great grades in. I found them uninteresting and just did not do well. So my overall GPA does not seem as good. If you were to just look at the nursing prerquisites they are all great grades. All A's and some B's. My problem is the average GPAs are on average .3 points away from my current GPA. Is this a problem most people had or what can be done about this. I am so lost and just want to get into nursing school and am having so much trouble doing so.
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  3. by   Jules A
    My school only used nursing pre-reqs to determine the gpa. Are you sure your engineering classes will be counted? The other thing I would think is that if you transfer to a different school most of them won't post grades for transfer classes only the credits earned. Good luck.
  4. by   catlover13

    I found myself a non traditional nursing student, having graduated with a BS in 1985. GPA 2.65... Too much school too fast... young and stupid too.

    Then nearly 20 years later, I found that some nursing programs would look at that aged GPA - who knew?

    I shopped around for a nursing program that based it's entrance requirements on something other than my GPA....

    I found one, entrance was competitively based on the PSB.

    It worked for me, I graduated dec 2006.

    good luck

  5. by   sissyboo
    They'll probably just look at your pre-reqs. You could talk to the registrar first and find out what all they look at if it's not spelled out clearly in the schools brochures. Just "shop around" until you find a program that suits you! Don't let anything stop you...
  6. by   ukbsktbll
    Quote from Jules A
    My school only used nursing pre-reqs to determine the gpa. Are you sure your engineering classes will be counted? The other thing I would think is that if you transfer to a different school most of them won't post grades for transfer classes only the credits earned. Good luck.
    What school is that. I just got to find the right place. A lot of the private schools just really need a good GPA and u to pass the NET. That is what I am going to check out next.

    Whats the PSB. I know some based mainly on the NET.
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  7. by   lavender rose
    I live in california. I only had to pass all my prequesites, take a math and english test with a 10.0 or better. Then I get put on the waithing list. Are u getting paid to go through school through a grant or something might explain it all.
  8. by   Mijourney
    Are the schools exclusively using your GPA and aptitude tests? Does anything else factor in. By chance have you ever worked or volunteered in a nursing related job? I always think that is helpful as far as extracurricular activities are concerned and helping to decide whether nursing is a good fit.

    Are you wanting an associates or bachelor's starting off? I can't believe the two year programs won't at least give you provisional status as far as being a nursing student is concerned. I wonder if the schools are being as restrictive as they are due to the shortage of instructors. I have heard of people that do have the cumulative GPA that don't get in. They actually end up on a waiting list.

    Have you talk with the advisors of these programs to ask them specifically what you need to do to get in to your program of choice? If not, I would do that. Also, if you're really interested in nursing, consider joining a network like the TNA to get connected. This may be helpful in getting you to a program. In addition, if you are not currently working, may want to consider working as a nurse's aide or tech. Best wishes.
  9. by   ukbsktbll
    I am wanting to get into a BSN program with a long term goal of becoming a CRNA. These schools are just university nursing schools, and they have a limited amount of students they can take. I am sure it has to do with the shortage of nurses. They only look at GPA and that is all. I have some volunteer work on my resume. Maybe nothing special. I have volunteered 5 yrs in a row working as a counselor for kids with MD over the summer for 1 week.

    I have also tried to get a job in a hospital. Most of the time I am told after my first semester of nursing school I can easily get a job because you learn about giving medicines and such like that. You can also take a CNA course I believe which takes around 9 weeks. I have thought of that but often been busy with school and keep thinking I will get in. I was considering volunteering this summer if I cant get in.
  10. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    well I am assuming that you didn't take all of the gen ed classes for nursing while persuing your engineering degree. You could take some courses like anatomy and physiology, Microbiology etc. in order to raise your GPA. It is really hard to take nursing and gen ed classes at the same time especially if you have work or family to care for.
    So anyway my suggestion is that you take some general classes geared towards a nursing degree and that will raise your GPA.

  11. by   ukbsktbll
    I have taken all the nursing prerequisites. Eng, Hist, Anat 1 and 2, Micro, Chem, Soc, Phys, Humanaties and so. Those I have done well it. They are mostly A's and some B's. The GPA from those classes is pretty good, like a 3.6 and probably a 3.71 after this semester. Its just a few engineering grades that pull it down.

    I was stupid when I was starting college. I never really thought about it all too much. The classes were real hard, and I didn't focus or try hard enough. I was not smart when I started out. So that is hurting me.
  12. by   ukbsktbll
    Nope no grants or anything.
  13. by   Mom2J&B
    Are you sure they are looking at all your classes?? I will be trying to get into CC here in Long Island and they look at your Cum GPA for only 4 classes, English Comp, Psych, A&P I & II. No entrance exam

    Although I already have a BA I will most likely have to retake English and Psch because I only got B's and don't think that will be good enough to get in
  14. by   Logos
    I took some classes at the local community college, about 17 years ago. Two of them I blew off and never bother dropped, just stopped going, you know what that means! I went on to graduate with a BS from a different University & never had any reason to care what the GPA I had at the community college. - Until now! Who knew they would count? & The good GPA I got in my area of major from the University- did not count at all. I have gotten A's on everything so far, Chem Bio, A&P, but it still did not bring my GPA up enough. So I applied to have those grades removed. That means they still show up on my transcript- but they have a little # sign next to them and they are not counted towards my GPA. You had to be out of school over 4 years, have changed majors, the classes must be in classes not required by your current major and you must have completed 18 credits with a 2.5 or above before they will remove the "offending" grades.