Transferring credits - nursing school not being helpful

  1. So, I called the nursing school that I want to apply to, to find out which tranfer credits they will accept from the school I am in now. The school I'm in now has a good reputation and it's also the closest to my house, but it doesn't have a nursing program. The nursing school told me they cannot tell me which credits will transfer until *after* I've been accepted and then they'll evaluate my transfer credits. I feel caught in a catch-22. To enroll in the nursing school for the pre-reqs means having a much longer trip to get there and then the classes might not fit into my schedule. But if I take the pre-reqs here I might be wasting my time if it turns out the credits can't be transferred. I'm so frustrated!
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  3. by   jbjints
    Why not apply to the school and see which credits they will accept? By applying you are not obligated to attend, worst case scenario is you will lose the application fee if there is one.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    I agree with the above poster. The school (aside from the nursing program) will evaluate your transcripts and if you are accepted, they will transfer your credits too.

    Another suggestion is to sit down with an academic counselor of the school and go over credits with him/her using an unofficial transcript. That helped me save a lot of time and I was better able to plan my coursework. :wink2: