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Okay, I know this is going to sound stupid. I had my first micro exam on Tuesday. She tests differently than I have experienced before, but it's supposed to help get us used to what we'll encounter... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    If you think you are being hard on yourself think how I felt when I got my first C in nursing school in a lab class, of all things. I was in shock. But when I analyzed the situation I had to admit that the reason was because I was trying to do too much and had not put forth the effort required for a B or an A. I never did adjust my approach, but at least I understood where the problem was and what I would need to do to overcome it. Good luck in bringing yourself up to your usual standards. Later on at work, your patients will get better care because you care enough to put everything you have into preparing yourself now. I wish more nurses were as conscientious.
  2. by   fmrnicumom
    Thank you. Giving my best to my patients is very important to me. I've been a patient and the parent of a patient a lot in the last 3.5 years. I know firsthand the phenomenal difference a good nurse can make, and just how much it can hurt to have one who doesn't seem to want to be there or care. There were a few nurses who made some very difficult times a bit more bearable, which, believe me, for the circumstances, is saying a tremendous amount. I hope I can do that for others as well.

    Well, I'd better get back to studying!

  3. by   mrscurtwkids4
    I know how you feel about being discouraged with grades that were anything but an A. I got very frustrated when I went to the University level of education. I graduated from a community college with a 2 yr degree in individual studies (getting my english and sciences, math and such done) with a GPA of 3.8 and was Phi Theta Kappa. I hit the university for the nursing curriculum and was struggling a bit with some of the classes. Ended up graduating this past May with a 3.24 GPA. I was a bit disappointed, but at least I passed and was done. My logic in thinking was that if I got questions wrong on the exams, that could have meant doing harm to a patient when I get into the "real" world. You need a little of that healthy fear in you in order to do well and succeed; however, if you keep that in the front of your mind too much, it just might scare you away from nursing all together.

    Basically, do the best that you can possibly do, and accept that when you have tried and studied your hardest, that whatever grade you get is the best you could have expected from yourself. I know it's hard with getting study time with kids...I did my schooling while tending to my 4 kids. But it sounds like you have yourself pretty organized with your time to equal things out. Good luck with everything!!

  4. by   teampierce
    Hey it's still early.. You CAN get an A in the class