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So I really messed up. I thought if I could push myself I could do two classes at once with my job. Well the new job is extremely demanding more so then i could have imagined and I am now failing out... Read More

  1. by   juicy_jade
    Please talk to your instructor before just leaving. I don't know about where you are, but some of mine have even offered to let people switch to an online or evening class.
    good luck
  2. by   opradiva
    Quote from Hope2Be
    Hi Opradiva...seems like you've working really hard at this for awhile..I see you were accepted into N GA, congratulations!!! is this for the nursing program? what is the TEAS test? is that like an entance exam into the college? well you seem to getting closer and closer to your goal!! that is great!
    I havent been living here in GA too long (6 mos) so I am not familiar with all the colleges in this state, I do know that all those colleges that you metioned are not near me, Georgia Highlands would be the closet that is a 4 year college w/an RN program..
    I know that being overwhelmed is part of the journey..its part of the package...I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted..I'm going home to do my math homework (i'm just starting this journey, I have a long ways to go!!) I'll keep you in my prayers!!!

    Thanks Hope2be for your prayers. I need as many as I can get.

    No, I have not gotten into NGA's nursing school, only their college. You first have to be accepted into the college by Feb. 1st before being accepted into the nursing school. I hope I get in. The TEAS test is their pre nursing extrance exam. I'm taking that in February.

    I've heard of GA Highlands recently but until then did not know it existed. Nice to know you have a school close to you. Are you shooting for the ADN or BSN?