Taking that first step...

  1. Anyone who has been following any of my posts knows that I have battled with whether or not to pursue nursing. I've battled anxiety and indecision over this. I've explored other options and have never been able to shake my wanting to me a nurse, to follow in my mother's and grandmother's footsteps.

    Well, I just registered for chemistry for the fall and I couldn't be more excited!!! I've decided to put my fears aside and just go for it. And, I wanted to share my excitement. I'm doing a little happy dance over here.

    Just thought I'd share... Hope I can hang onto this feeling as I work my way through pre-reqs. I know it won't be easy and I will face challenges but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. If I don't at least try I will never know if it is a possibility. I just need to keep reminding myself of all this.....
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  3. by   melc0305
    That first step sometimes is the hardest. From your excitement, it sounds like you made a great decision. I started thinking about going the nursing route a year and a half ago. Finally, this summer, I am taking my first pre-reqs. I can't help thinking I'd be halfway done if I'd started a year and a half ago. But life happens!

    Congrats on your decision to move forward! We can do this!
  4. by   3rdgenRN2B
    I could have been done and working years ago! I had started pre-reqs 7 years ago. So, I should add, I'm actually retaking chemistry because it expired.

    But, meanwhile, I had my kids and have lived life a little. I've explored other options and have come full circle. So this time I'm pursuing this without any doubt.

    What are you taking over the summer? I have to wait until the fall....
  5. by   SopranoKris
    Congratulations on taking that first step! There's a lot of support here and we're all rooting for each other

    When do you start your first class?

    I'm returning to school after 18 years. My classes start June 6th. Nothing like jumping in with both feet!!!
  6. by   3rdgenRN2B
    I don't get to start until the fall.
  7. by   SopranoKris
    That's great...you have all summer to get prepared to take your class. If you've taken chemistry in the past, you can look up some online refreshers. I've never had a bad book in the "...For Dummies" series. In fact, I'm using "Anatomy & Physiology for Dummies" as a refresher before I start my Anatomy class in June. It's been over 20 years since I've taken A&P, so it's good to refresh the gray matter after all these years

    I don't know if your school posts your course syllabus in advance, but if they do, you can get your book ahead of time and start studying now so you feel more prepared to jump back in to school. I just got my books this weekend and downloaded the course syllabus for each class. Now I can study ahead of time and prepare some questions in advance. I feel so much more prepared. You've got all summer, so you can really get a good jump on your studies!

    Like you, many of my pre-reqs were "too old" to count towards nursing school. I have to re-take Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Psychology, Pharmacology, Human Growth & Development and Healthy Lifestyles. UGH! I was so frustrated at first to find out I had to re-take courses I previously received an A in...aarrgghh! But it actually works out well. I get a good refresher and it should be easier this time around since I've "been there, done that" before.

    Best wishes to you! When do you think you'll be applying for nursing school? I won't be able to apply until January (hopefully start Fall next year)
  8. by   3rdgenRN2B
    You have to retake all that? Wow. I don't feel so bad now.

    My school doesn't post syllabi in advance - wish they did!! I'll look into that book. Couldn't hurt.

    I have at least 3 semesters of prereqs before applying so I'm looking at a 2014 start I believe. The time will pass whether I'm pursuing it or not. I'm in no rush.
  9. by   SopranoKris
    There is a great chemistry teacher who wrote "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chemistry". He also writes a humorous blog about being a chemistry teacher. You can find the book in your local library. Great book & also a good refresher for Chemistry.

    That's great you have time to work on your classes and don't have to cram so many in together. I could space them out, but then I'd set my timeline back a year and a half and I don't want to be out of work that long. My fiance is wonderful in allowing me to concentrate on school full time to get the pre-reqs and nursing school done But I feel that since I'm not working, I should take as many classes as I can now.

    I might look like this after a few months:
  10. by   LifeIsGood76
    Yay! Good fr you! It's scary, but stay motivated and you can do it!! Good luck
  11. by   Wifeoffireman
    I'm doing the happy dance with and for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And best of wishes to you!!