Tacoma Community College 2017 applicants?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm wondering who else applied at Tacoma Community College for Fall/Winter this year? I'm impatiently waiting for the lottery to be posted. What are you expecting your lottery numbers to be? Have you heard anything about the number of applicants? Do you have a backup school in mind? Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you when the program starts!
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  3. by   Electronikat
    Hello! I applied and STILL have not heard back! I'm getting really frustrated with how long it has been taking. They said we would hear back in 4-6 weeks but this is week 6!

    I applied and got accepted into SPSCC's 2017 program so I have a backup plan but would really like to go to Tacoma. They must have a lot of applicants for it to be taking this long! :-/
  4. by   steviegillmore
    I'm worried they have a lot of applicants too. This is really frustrating though. All other colleges have sent out acceptances a long time ago. This is the only one I've applied to because I do not have a health care license and most require that or additional prerequisites that I haven't done. So my fingers are crossed.
  5. by   Electronikat
    Good luck to you! I'm keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for both of us! I'm assuming we should hear back next week because I doubt they'll get to us on a Friday. So aggravating!
  6. by   Smarshall94
    I was thinking the same thing! I have been accepted to Pierce College but would like to go to TCC since it is closer and there health sciences building is brand new. I spoke to an adviser earlier in the week and she said she thought we would hear back closer to the end of August. Which seems ridiculous because acceptance offers have to be verified by then for other schools. Fingers crossed for Monday!
  7. by   Electronikat
    END OF AUGUST?! That is ridiculous! Their own website said to allow 4-6 weeks to process applications, I am on pins and needles here. The last time I emailed someone she said to expect a response by mid August.... this has gotten really frustrating. I did get into SPSCC but still have TCC as my first choice. If I don't hear back from them soon though I'll have to go the spscc route because I need to give my job my September schedule asap. Argh!
  8. by   Smarshall94
    I am very frustrated as well. I am sure that they have an abundance of applications but they should still stick to their own timeline. I have to send my acceptance letter back to Pierce by the 18th so I'm getting really anxious. Luckily the department I work on at St. Joe's is pretty flexible with shift trades and scheduling. The adviser recommended calling them if we don't hear word by this past Friday so I'm gonna call Monday.
  9. by   Electronikat
    Did they give you the name of a person to speak to? I'm going to call as well! I already had to send my acceptance back to spscc a month ago but will drop if I get into tcc. It makes me really worried about the possibility of getting in if there are this many people applying!
  10. by   Smarshall94
    ----------- What is weird to me though is that it does not seem like she is apart of the nursing department from her profile so I don't know exactly what her role is.
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  11. by   steviegillmore
    If you do call please let us know what they say! I can't believe they can make us wait until late August. More and more I'm starting to think its a way to make the applicant pool smaller. EVERY other school has sent out acceptances by now I'm sure.
  12. by   lisbrow
    Hey everybody I also am applying to TCC 2017/2018 I am becoming so impatient! I got waitlisted for plu this year so TCC is my last hope! I scored 55 which isn't very strong I'm afraid so I guess we will see what happens! Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   Electronikat
    Lottery numbers have been posted! We should be finding out if we have been accepted within the next couple of days!
  14. by   lisbrow
    Do you know how many people get accepted for fall and winter? I'm so stressed there's so many applicants