Summer speech

  1. I'm taking a speech course this summer for 4 weeks and I'm just wondering what to expect. Did anyone have a difficult time with this course? I always get nervous when I have to talk out loud in front of the class. Any advice?
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  3. by   LoriRNCM
    I took my speech class in the nineties, soooo long ago, but I remember it well! My instructor made it fun, she put us in teams for some speeches, and we also evaluated each others speeches anonymously, which helped alot with some areas you may need to work on. Can you believe I had to do a speech on Shakespeare's Soliloqy, AND dress up like him? Or my interpretation of him! I had to recite the whole thing but also involve the class and take questions after. And you talk about shy! One thing that class did was help bring me out of my shell. You have to look at the people you are speaking to so I just focused on a spot over their heads. In the end I got a B, and won best opening sequence for a speech I did on dreams. You will get through it fine. Just remember, everyone else is nervous too. Humor goes a long way toward breaking the ice!
  4. by   msnursecp
    LOL...I feel where you are coming from. I HATE talking in front of a class. At least your class is only a month. I took mines for a semester (5 months). He broke it down to where we had to do a total of 4 speeches. We had to dress professionally for each speech. The last speech was when he put us into groups and we had to debate each other. Good Luck and once you start hopefully the nerves will leave. Oh, also at my school they offer public speaking online! You should look into that
  5. by   sleepycat7
    I took my speech class online. Videos and audio uploads were required, but I loved it!