Summer semester VENT!

  1. hi everyone!

    i am looking for some input and thought that someone here may be able to help me out.

    i think i have lost my mind! :selfbonk: my school has just "revised" the summer course catalog (enrollment starts on april 11th). they are now offering classes they werent and have added more sections for the other classes.

    i have never taken summer classes. i know that they tend to move at a much faster pace than normal classes because of the shortened semesters. i am really torn as what to do next though! i have to take a&p this summer no choice. i had planned to take my medical terminology, sociology, and ethics class as well. i would be left with micro, computer, and student orientation for the fall. they were not offering the computer class this summer orginally. now they have added it in and there are 3 different classes that i could fit into my schedule. :uhoh21: i could take it as the 2nd part 5 week quarter (med term would be the first), take it as the 1st part 8 week and it would fit between my soc. and ethics class perfectly, or i can take it as a distance class. if i did take it then i would end up with a total of 17 credits for the whole summer semester. that terrifies me!!!! the other option is for me to drop either ethics or sociology, take it in the fall, and then replace those 3 credits with the computer class.

    the computer class is basic computer literacy and i am not really worried about it. lonker2:

    anyone take sociology or ethics yet? what is your take on how hard they are and paper writing wise? i know a&p will be a big challenge by itself in a 10 week course instead of the normal 16 (or is it 17!) week course. guess i have until the evening of april 10th to decide. i really do not want to burn myself out but at the same time want to get as much done as possible.

    help! lol i will be forever grateful if someone could enlighten me about their experiences in ethics and/or sociology :bowingpur

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  3. by   Twinkie1
    I took A& P in the summer in a 12 week course( they changed it from 10 to 12 due to the very low pass rate)
    I found that the 12 week program was quite intense! You will study 3-5 chapters a week ! I would get the book now and start memorizing it today!
    Also, see if you can get a copy of the syllabus so you can get a head start, you will be glad you did

    Things to consider:
    1. Pass/ fail ratio of the 10 wk. program.
    2. How many students have taken this course more than once?
    3. Can you speak, spell, & memorize Latin?
    4. Are you strong in all forms of Science,Biology,Chemistry, and of course physics?
    5. There is also a 4-6 hr lab. That requires memorizing every nook and cranny of the human body.
    6.Most importantly, your science grades can mean getting into a program that you want or not.
    So my recommendation to you, would be to take only the A& P course and maybe computers, Trust me you will have more than enough to do.
    I wish you the best of luck and hope you get an A. :hatparty:
  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    I took Sociology over a winter semester a year ago and thought it was a piece of cake. Pretty much it was just definition memorization with a little bit of critical thinking. I had to write a research paper, too, but that was pretty easy as well. Probably one of the easiest courses I have taken.

    Just wanted to edit to say it was easy because I stayed on top of it. It was basically reading ( lecture classes really didn't add too too much more than the book had) and memorizing. I basically over studied for it- if that's possible LOL...I got a perfect 100% BUT it was the only course I took that semester. My boyfriend is currently taking it and has a B ( basically he refuses my help lol)...along w/ computer science courses ( he already works as a network engineer but wants his degree) he has less time to dedicate to it than I did. Of all the courses I have taken so far...which is all the pre-req's except A+P II and Micro....I found Sociology by far the terms of applying the definitions to critical thinking.
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  5. by   Glimmer
    thanks guys. i am leaning more towards doing sociology, computers, med term, and a&p this summer now. i have heard that the first 3 are pretty easy so that makes me feel a lot better. i have to have 12 credits for the summer semester or else i loose my health insurance... and considering i just had knee surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago i think i should keep it for a little while! lol

    unfortunately, the a&p class i am taking has not decided on the instructor yet and is still listed as a "staff" class. the class is actually a&p for the healthcare professional and therefore we do not have to take 2 parts of a&p... it is all crammed into one. it is 6 hours of lecture and a 6 hour lab each week (tuesday and thursday classes) and i fully expect it will be very intense. i have always done fairly well in my science classes (although hated chem) and memorizing information seems to come naturally for me. guess only time will tell though..

    thanks again!
  6. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Good luck!!

    For A&P I, use my website too! I just put together powerpoints, and quizzes, and decided to put them online to help other people as well.(
    ...and use other websites to look at as many versions of the same stuff as you can!!

    Take photos of lab stuff, if they are not on my site, and study study study!!!!!!!!!
    (If you take a pic of something that you didn't see on mine, please send it too me. I'll add it to the lab pics!) lol :angel2:
  7. by   americaneagle07
    Alne, are you sure that you need 12 summer credits to keep your health insurance? Mine is pretty strict about things like that but I'm not required to take anything over the summer. Also, at my school, 6 credits in the summer is considered full-time because of the intensity.
    Good luck to you I hope it all works out w/your summer classes...I know how u feel as I am trying to cram in a full year of pre-calc this summer! :P
  8. by   Twinkie1
    Sorry 2 hear about your knee, Hope U feel better soon

    As someone else mention ,you might want to check the summer credit requirements for your insurance coverage.

    Keep us posted

    I'm Cheering 4 U :hatparty:
  9. by   Glimmer
    i did call again to verify the credits with my school... it is 12 credits for every semester including summer. and since my insurance is supposed to expire mid may i have to be full time by the next semester which is summer...

    looks like i will do a&p, med term, sociology, and this computer class this summer. this fall i will take micro and the ethics class and my student orientation (which is stupid to have to do after taking classes off and on for 4+ year at the school!!!)
  10. by   Peachy720
    Hi Glimmer!!

    I think it's ridiculous that they're making you take 12 hours in the summer. Here at ULL, you can't take more than 9, and I try and make it a point to take "just six," because it's so stressful.

    As far as Sociology, I don't know about your school, but at mine, it depends on your professor. Right now, my only "B" is this class (an 88). I chose him because he's the only prof at the school that actually teaches sociology and not his/her political agenda. The down side is his tests are 25 questions, 4 points each. So miss more that 2 and buhbye "A."

    Hopefully with that courseload you have, you won't have a research paper to add to all of it! *gulp*

    Take care,