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  1. Im going to take statistics next semester, there are two kind of statistics that I can take, the math statistics or the psychology statistics. What are the difference of those two? Which one is harder? Which one is more beneficial for future nursing students?
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  3. by   pro-student
    The basic content is probably very similar but the psych version will likely be more applied. The type of examples they are likely to use in psych stats are probably closer to what we encounter in nursing whereas a math stats class will probably have examples from all across the board. If you can take either, I would probably choose the psych stats although if you're thinking about grad school, there might be some programs that won't consider it a stats class (most probably will but definitely save you syllabus in case you need to prove that).
  4. by   Mergirlc
    I'll just recommend you check w/ the schools you're applying to AND plan ahead too. If you are even remotely thinking of furthering your education after getting your RN, just check on those school websites as well.

    Believe it or not, some schools will not accept those special stats classes. Not sure why, but that's their rules and they don't.

    I think you might play it safer if you take the regular math one.
  5. by   Dwaddle2
    When in doubt, go with the general statistics class. A local direct BSN program wouldn't accept my psychology statistics class, but the local community college to state college (RN-BSN) bridge program did.