1. Has anyone ever taken a course called Statistics? It's pre-required for the nursing school I want, so I signed up for it at my community college. But its a math course. I'm not sure if I'm taking the right Statistics course. I was looking around at other nursing schools and some had courses called "Nutrition and Statistics" so now I'm wondering if I just about wasted my money getting into a class that serves me no purpose. I asked the college recruiter but it's been a few days since I asked and I still have no response. Anyone got any ideas?
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  3. by   crazytonurse
    I had to take Statistics ( which I passed w/ an A) as a pre-req. Is there any way you could look up your pre-reqs and courses required for the NS you will be attending? If I cant get ahold of my Advisor I go to the NS website and pull the info from there.
  4. by   Apollo85
    Yes, its posted on the website but it doesn't clarify what kind of statistics, it only said the name. This course you took was a math course?
  5. by   Mossback
    Many nursing programs require a higher math class, and quite a few specify statistics. I took it last year and, although I found it challenging, managed to squeak out an A.

    I don't think it would be unusual for the nursing program you're interested into require stats, but you might want to contact a counselor or someone in the nursing department to confirm that you're taking the right course.

    Statistics has lots of real world applications, both in and out of the health care field. I actually enjoyed the class.
  6. by   4lotus8
    Talking to a counselor would be the best bet to find out if your class will transfer smoothly as a prerequesite course. I also recommend looking at, which will usually give you a good idea if your course will transfer accordingly. Also, the university of your nursing school may also have a website that will indicate equivalency in courses from the community colleges--so you may want to check around their website to see if they have that.

    From my experience because I'm transfering from a community college too, the university would accept any of the following statistics courses: a math class ("Elementary Statistics"), a psychology class ("Behavioral Science Statistics"), or even a biology class ("Biological Statistics"). Even though they all deal with seemingly different subjects, statistics is a science that is approached the same way, no matter what the subject matter is. It is dry material, and many people in my class have to kick themselves to stay awake. But I like numbers, so I like it, and I'm also getting an A so far.
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  7. by   crazytonurse
    Quote from Apollo85
    Yes, its posted on the website but it doesn't clarify what kind of statistics, it only said the name. This course you took was a math course?
    Yes it was a math course. The title of the course was Statistics for Everyday life. Basically, a lot of formulas for different scenarios. Our University also has a separate Stats Tutoring center that Stats students could seek tutoring from Stats majors, look into at your school. I went a couple times and they helped tremendously. Good luck!
  8. by   LovesGreyhounds
    For those of you who have taken Stats - How time consuming was it? I'm taking it soon & am thinking about signing up for Abnormal Psych at the same time but work full-time & need to make A's in the classes - what do you think?
  9. by   CrunchyMama
    At my school, there's a math statistics course but it's not a's just part of the program. There's either math statistics or math concepts you can choose from and since I've heard statistics is harder, I'll be taking concepts because math is NOT my friend, lol. Anyway.... I would just keep trying to get in touch with someone and ask. Good luck!
  10. by   Apollo85
    Thanks all. I never imagined I'd need to know stats for nursing, none of the nurses i know have ever mentioned anything related to stats, even old classmates who are currently nursing students. Shouldn't be too hard I guess, I had some exposure to stats in h.s. n I IIRC it was kinda fun, like puzzles. Certainly easier than physics 2.