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What classes are you taking for the spring semester. I will go first. Biology Chemistry Comp 11 Disease Process in the place of Microbiology I have my hands full and I get crossed eyed... Read More

  1. by   JaredCNA
    PSYC 2301 (General Psychology)
    PSYC 2314 (Human Growth & Development)
    BIOL 2401 (Human A&P I)
    ENGL 1301 (Freshman Composition)

    2301 is a flex-track and starts a month later...it's saturday from 9a-12:30p

    2314 meets tue and thurs 6p-7:20p don't know how this will go because I had to get the social sciences division director's approval to take 2301 and 2314 at the same time since 2301 is a pre-rep for 2314.

    2401 is weds. from 6p-9p

    and 1301 is fasttrack...it's a full semester in half a semester's time; it's on the internet.

    It would be a lot easier if I wasn't working full time nights, but whatever. lol
  2. by   ~FutureNurse~
    Next Semester is looking busy..busy for me..Im talking

    Spring 08:
    English Lit I
    Western Civ I
    World Religions
    Phys. Ed

    = 18 hours

    then, I'll be taking 10 hours in the Summer, and am hopefuly for a Fall '08 BSN start...
  3. by   JustinTJ
    I'm another 18 hour nutjob.

    AP II + Lab (4)
    Micro + Lab (4)
    Chem + Lab (4)
    Statistics online (3)
    Art Appreciation online (3)

    Only part time job, no family so I think I'll be ok. I did 16 hours in the fall.
  4. by   morningstarRN
    For Spring quarter my schedule looks like this:

    • Chem 101 (5)
    • Psych 100 (5)
    • Speech 101 (5)

    After that I will only have three biology classes and then I am finished with pre-req's! The problem with the biology classes is that they can't be taken together, so It will take me three quarters to finish those three classes.
  5. by   sherriberry1
    Hi!!!!This is my very first post.....I ONLY have A & P II left to take!!! Woo-Hoo:spin: but I am taking Med. Terms I & II this spring to get the points...I take the NET March 13 @ 9:00 am and I am currently STUDYING my butt off everyday (Math is not my strong point) My best friend took it last month and she got a 99 composite score. I am so happy for her but I worry everyday about me making it.:uhoh21:
  6. by   Hanabna
    Quote from JustinTJ
    I'm another 18 hour nutjob.

    AP II + Lab (4)
    Micro + Lab (4)
    Chem + Lab (4)
    Statistics online (3)
    Art Appreciation online (3)

    Only part time job, no family so I think I'll be ok. I did 16 hours in the fall.
    I don't meant to be rude, but....are you crazy?!?!?!:trout:
  7. by   JustinTJ
    I very well might be, but this semester I did 16 hours with 5 As and a B.

    AP 1 + Lab (4) - A/B
    Human Growth (3) - A
    College Algebra (3) - A
    Nutrition (3) -A
    Sociology (3) - A

    Granted it was the only science I took, but I figure I can suck it up with no life for 16 weeks, enjoy the summer off, and then start the program in the Fall.

    Aiming high, but I will drop something if it gets too be too much.
  8. by   Do Or Do Not
    Chem II (5)
    Nutrition (3)

    plus I'm also gonna study medical terminology online and do some hospital volunteer work. It also helps being unemployed
  9. by   rnmomtobe2010
    It also helps being unemployed [/quote]
    My thoughts exactly!!:spin:
  10. by   ashtabella
    Im Taking A&P 2, Chemistry (the crazy 5 unit one), and English Comp. After this all I have left of prerequisites is Microbiology which I plan to take over a 6 wk course in the summer, then its time to start applying to nursing programs!!
  11. by   CRIMSON
    Microbiology and Sociology. Then English II and Psychology in the summer and that's it.
  12. by   SUZYQ1981
    I will be starting my very first semester. I'm taking:
    Intro to Pych
    Medical Terminology

    **good luck to everyone**:spin:
  13. by   judes09
    Wow, first of all, to those of you taking classes AND working full time - I give you brownie points. I would be lucky if I could do all that & take classes. Here's my list for the spring:

    PSYC 238 - Abnormal Psych (3)
    PHIL 214 - Biomedical ethics (3)
    NAS 111 - CNA course (6)
    KIN 183 - First Aid/CPR (2)
    CHE 106 - Chem for Health Professions + lab (4)

    But I'm taking the first 2 at a large public university, and the last 3 at a community college, so I will be all over the place, and working part-time. I'm hoping I can quit my part time job after spring semester and work part time as a CNA during nursing school in the fall.

    I will say this though, Microbiology sucks when taking at a large university. I already took it, and I got a C+. So I'm taking it over the summer again at a community college (hopefully I can pull off an A) and get these pre-reqs done!