soon to be nurse need advice

  1. hi im a single mom and im planning on going to nursing school i need help how do you balance your kids and school. also what supplies will i need and stuff because im really tight on cash
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  3. by   ChristineN
    Quote from shynursemommy
    hi im a single mom and im planning on going to nursing school i need help how do you balance your kids and school. also what supplies will i need and stuff because im really tight on cash
    The supplies that are mandatory can vary from school to school, but besides textbooks, you will need scrub uniforms for clinicals, sneakers, stethoscope. While all this can get expensive, there are ways to save on expenses. Buy your textbooks used, or even rent them. See if you can just buy uniform patches and iron/sew them on to cheaper scrubs instead of buying scrubs through school. Buy a cheap stethoscope (Wal-Mart sells them), and wait til you are an RN to spend a ton of money on one.
  4. by   RosaleiMae
    I'm a mom of 3 and doing a 2nd degree program so I'm almost maxed out on loan eligibility, so I feel your pain!

    I've been hunting on ebay and also posted a craigslist ad... I got lucky and found a few recent grads from my program with all the books to sell, plus our school uniforms since ours are pretty specific... they were happy to get rid of them and I got great deals. I also posted on my FB and found a few friends who knew people that were recent grads from the program w/ stuff to sell : )

    Good luck!
  5. by   RedChair
    Buy your books from an online store. Do a Google search with the ISBN number and look for the best price. I have gotten previous edition books for $8 instead of paying >$150 for the most current one. Look at your school's bulletin board or online message board for postings from upper classmen or those who have dropped out and are selling their supplies for cheap. Also my school's lab accepts donations of uniforms and sells them for $5 a piece.
    As far as the kids - Well all I can say is set up a schedule for studying/keep track of when assignments are due and go from there. Best of Luck to You!
  6. by   ShellKJos
    I'm a mom and in an LPN program right now. My program is part-time, but I also work, and am finding that what helps me most to keep up with studying and still have time with my son and husband and get rest, is to be okay with studying in short bursts. I make flashcards for everything, which allows me to do quick reviews by myself in a short period of time, even just ten minutes. It is less intimidating to look at my schedule and find 15 minutes to an hour of study time than to expect myself to carve out a four or five hour chunk for studying. Also, studies have shown that studying frequently but in shorter bursts, say for 20 minutes to an hour, yields better retention than when you try to cram tons of material into one marathon study session. Good luck!
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    If you have a way to record lectures, I found that really helpful in anatomy. Then you can listen while driving, grooming, or anything that won't occupy your brain even though you can't have books, notes etc out
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    oh k idk how i will handle leaving my daughter since i been doing online school bc im only 17 and it hard bc my daughter dad not around bc he lives in another state and only pays child support when he wants and it hard bc my mom work a split shift. but im glad the college im going to has a daycare but highly expensive
  9. by   Runningonfancy
    There are many government programs that can assist with your situation. My cousin had just turned 18 and found herself in your situation with twins. The government paid for day care, cell phone, and medical for the babies while she is a full time student also receiving free tuition. I hate it a little that my taxes get her everything for free and I have to work my butt off to pay for everything. But everybody needs help sometimes. Go see your local department of human services and they should be able to assist with all your problems. The deadbeat dad can be arrested for not following through with his payments or at the least his wages garnished at his place of employment if you know where that is. The daycare help would also allow you to work a part time job (often available at the school for students with a documented need). Good luck!