some words of encouragement

  1. [color=#800040]this is from an email that i get everyday. it is always different, but always has a really good message. i just thought i would share todays. the email itself isnt copywrited, but i did add the names of the people who were being quoted. the name of the mailout is morning coffee.
    [color=#800040]* i can conquer my fears and procrastination.

    * my possibilities for success are endless.

    * i'm ready to get out of my own way.

    * i no longer give people or my circumstances
    power over my destiny.

    * i am getting stronger and wiser each day.

    * i'm grateful for my life lessons and use them as
    stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.

    * i am grateful, healthy and blessed as my stress
    and my finances increase.

    * i am loved and empowered to do great things.

    * right now, i do the best i can -- where i am and
    with what i have.

    * i use my time, talents and resources well.

    * health is my first wealth. i am exercising and
    eating healthy foods. my body is getting in good

    * i am willing to learn to let myself breathe, relax
    and create success in my life.

    * stuff happens! --- i am resilient. i cope with
    change with faith, peace and courage.

    * life isn't always fair, but i always do the right
    thing anyway.

    * my creativity, education, professionalism, faith,
    and organization skills produce a great income for

    * i am attracting new resources, opportunities and
    talented people in my life who contribute to my vision
    and purpose.

    * i am open to new experiences.

    * my words and actions have power and return to
    me multiplied.

    * depression and addictions are a set up for me to
    give up. i am too
    blessed to
    be stressed.

    * the best is yet to come. something great is
    about to happen.

    [color=#ff80c0]now it is time for us to focus on what happens next.
    the more we delve into how we got where we are,
    the more we stay where we were.
    the more we analyze what is not working, the more things do not work.
    and the more we consider how we would like it to be,
    the more things become as we would have them.
    the choice is ours.

    [color=#ff80c0]alan cohen
    this is the day everything you've learned can be put to positive, productive use. this is the day when you can call upon the courage, the strength and the abilities with which you're blessed, and with them achieve great things.
    this is the day in which you can truly make things happen. think for a moment about the power of that ability.
    you're not limited to painful regrets and empty wishes that this day could have been different, as you are with past days. you're not limited to hoping for what will happen, as you are with future days. today is the day when you can make things happen, and that is rare and precious indeed. of all the days in your life, this one that you're living right now gives you the power to truly make a difference.
    you can think, you can focus, you can make decisions, take action, offer your love and understanding, build, create, and move forward. you can do it all this very day.
    all that you've ever dreamed of, or hoped for, whatever you sincerely desire, is here today in the form of very real and attainable possibilities. this is the day to get up, get going and transform those possibilities into reality. ralph marston
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  3. by   Tweety
    OMG did I ever need to read that today (as I'm procrastinating doing schoolwork and with other things going on in my life right now.). I'm going to copy that to word and print it out and read it again and again.

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. by   lisabeth
    Sorry for the way it looks so offbalanced. I cut the pictures out to get just the words.
    I know it would be more interesting to read if the format was more balanced.
  5. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Would you kindly list a URL where others can subscribe to this? It sounds great!
  6. by   lisabeth
    [quote=semisweetchick]would you kindly list a url where others can subscribe to this? it sounds great![/quote

    [color=#010101]neither of my attempts to do that were successful. if you would like the email sent, i guess send your email address in an im and then it will work. that is how i joined.
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  7. by   muffie
    luverly thankyou
  8. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Quote from texasangel
    [color=#010101]neither of my attempts to do that were successful. if you would like the email sent, i guess send your email address in an im and then it will work. that is how i joined.
    ok, could you clarify this a little?

    send an e-mail to whom? or to what e-mail address?

    in other words, who or what is the source of this e-mail message you receive every day?

  9. by   LPNEMSCT
    This is so nice. Thank you for this. Everyone needs to read sonething like this.:wink2:
  10. by   TPS360
    may the lord bless going to print this.