Should I take General Chemistry and A&P 1 together?

  1. I'm currently taking English1, Biology, Psychology1, and Political Science. It's been pretty good so far now Im planning for the spring semester, are these classes ok together? I don't have any kids or a full time job so I should be able to keep up right?

    English 2
    A&P 1
    Chem 105/General Chemistry
    Psychology 2
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  3. by   mindofmidwifery
    I think this load is definitely doable if you're pretty decent in science courses. Chemistry can be tough imo but as long as you keep up with reading and studying, you should be fine since you have no other major responsibilities.
  4. by   elkpark
    In my nursing program, the curriculum was set up so we automatically took anatomy and our first semester of organic chemistry together (along with a couple other academic courses and our nursing fundamentals course and clinical). No one asked us if we wanted to, it was just how the program worked. Our second semester, we took physiology and our second semester of organic chem together (along with a couple other courses and the nursing course). Everyone was fine.
  5. by   Carrie_RN
    It depends on your other commitments - work, family etc. The science classes can be very intense.
  6. by   Dyvinite
    I am taking Chemistry and A&P 1 now and it is fine.