Should I re-take the TEAS?:

  1. I got a 78 composite score. My advisor said last year they cut off at anything under 75.... she said she is not sure what the cut off will be this year.. I didn't think the test was that hard and am suprised I didn't do as well as I thought. However, I did leave at 2 hours so this time if I re-take I am going to use all the time and go over my answers... Do you think I should re-take and try to get a higher score?
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    This is what I discovered about the TEAS test, none of the questions are hard, except for the science questions which are too specific, but I have discovered that if you read through them quickly, sometimes your first instinct as to what the question is asking is not what it's asking for if you read it back through carefully.

    I took a "dummy" test of the TEAS, and the first time I scored less than 70, and after doing nothing but reading more carefully and brushing up on Math, when I took it again, I scored over 90%. And I'm NOT a good test taker.

    Hopefully that will give you some idea, but if this is your first time taking it, yes, I would recommend retaking it.
  4. by   Jilaweez
    I took the TEAS and didn't do that great either. I got into the school I applied to without retaking it though. It depends on how strongly they look at the scores in their admissions process and how well you fair on everything else. If you can retake it and think you'll do better than go for it, if not, don't worry too much because it's not the end of the world. I hope you get in!!
  5. by   Duggerchick
    What exactly is the TEAS test? I was just accepted to Nursing Clinicals and after four weeks of classroom we will have to take this any advice or info would be helpful!!! Thanks!!
  6. by   BSNtobe2009
    It's a test written on an 11th grade level. My biggest advice is to brush up on fractions (all math types), ratios, basic algebra, all metric units, and find a 9th grade science book and skim through.

    The test is not hard, but very tricky (you have to read very carefully or you'll miss the easy questions). The only hard part is the science where the questions are very specific, and it's a crap shoot on what they are going to ask. (crazy stuff like parts of a volcano or the earth's plates)
  7. by   Kathyz
    I'd say retake the TEAS. Go to and buy their online test. Just keep going through the book and website questions.

    You never know what other people have or are going to score so better to take the test again. Second time around is usually higher.

    I took the TEAS in May and did really well. Just go slow.

    Good luck!
  8. by   jesa
    I agree, I would re-take it. I don't know how your school is but ours takes your highest score, you can take/retake as many times as you want. and I second the ati-testing website, I got their book, brushed up on the skills, and got a 99%