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Hello, I just found the site and have a few questions for those in the know. I've managed to get all my prereqs finished expect chemistry, and I also want to take my coreqs prior to starting NS. ... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. If you can make A's in A&P then you can handle nursing school and math.

    I would take a look at the conversations you are having with yourself "I am so bad at math" "tutors don't help". Could be you're self-defeating yourself. Open you're mind to the possibility that while you'll never be a mathmetician, you can understand and you can pass math/chemistry. If things aren't working out with a tutor, ask for another one. I have six chemistry tutors to choose from in my class. Also watch the approach with the tutor. Don't say "I'm horrible at math and I don't understand any of it". Start with what you know. And yes, there are certain rules in math and chemistry and that is just how it's done.

    Good luck to you. Stay positive. Stay focused. Don't defeat yourself. Good luck!!
  2. by   Maxs
    Look dude, here is the problem, I can help you with this in a step by step solution, I can't promise you an A in chemistry but I can promise you a B in chemistry. If you want to learn math here is what's going to happen, you first need to realize how you learn. Chemistry's math is harder than algebra because it requires you to read the problems and that means your full attention to every bit of detail. At first you need to understand the rules of fractions. after that, you need to understand the rules of exponents, then you need to start chemistry addition of significant number rules, subtraction of significant number rules, multiplication of significant number rules, and division of significant number rules. Once you understand this, that means you will always know how many units your answer is supposed to be.
    Then you start learning about conversions, say for start with as simple as this for example is 1 mole of O2 = 16.0g then 16.0 g O2 = 1 mole O2. DO you see how it works back and forth it uses the concept of equation and conversion at the same time and a lot of people don't expect that. If you want you can PM me and I will help you with all your chemistry problems, I will not solve all your homework problems but I will show you how to do each one. But in order to grasp chemistry by the hand, you first really need to understand the meaning of what I said other wise your wasted.
    And I don't think you should give up, because of math, I mean if you were an engineering student I can understand why you wouldn't want to take calc I II III and Physics for science and Eng I II III and circuit analyses and all that, but luckily nursing is not a field that demands math.

  3. by   truern
    "but luckily nursing is not a field that demands math....Maxs"


    Explain that to the students in my nursing class that have to retake the drug calc test after spring breakand pass, or exit the program.

    OP, nursing math is simple....don't let a fear of math keep you from nursing school