Should I apply for an LPN AND RN program?!?

  1. Please help. I'm currently a pre-nursing student at my local community college... I'm really nervous about getting into the RN program because my GPA is towards the minimum.

    The deadline for the RN program for fall 2007 is feb 2007. the deadline for the LPN program is March 1, 2007. Is it possible to apply for both or should I just do one at a time?

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  3. by   EricJRN
    You might see if you can sit down with an academic advisor for more personalized advice, but I know people who applied to both RN and LPN programs at the same school.
  4. by   MizDnurse2b
    Go for it! I applied for both at my college..the RN program is so competitive here!! I ended up getting into the LPN program. I'm going to transition to an RN after I graduate and log 500 hours working as an LPN. At least you can be working on the actual nursing curriculum in the LPN program instead of re-taking classes for points to get into the RN program. (That's what I was faced with!!) I have a 3.6 GPA and had taken all my pre-requisites for the RN program, with my lowest grade being a B and still could not get in!! I was retaking classes I made B's in to try and get an A for points!! How crazy is that??!! Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel !! Best wishes to you...
  5. by   Karmello18
    Actually the programs are at different campuses that are the same community college, but I might need to speak with an adviser to find out more rules and regs...

    I just dont want to have to sit out a WHOLE YEAR to apply for Rn again if I don't get in... If I get in the LPN program I would apply to the RN program after getting a little experiance...

    Are LPN programs as strict as RN with admission?
  6. by   MizDnurse2b
    They still take the best ( top %). At my college they don't look at as many classes for points as the RN program does. They look at ENG 101, MTH 100, Compass or ACT reading score, BIO 201 and 202. A=30 pts B=20 C=10 or 5..can't remember. Max for LPN was 170. Max for RN is 200. Everyone does it different. Check with your nursing advisor..they can tell you what they look for...
  7. by   ChantelDawn
    i'm in the same boat that you are. i heard from a friend that the rn program that i am applying to had 150? applicants for 30 positions last year. even though i have a good g.p.a, i'm not going to take any chances. i plan on applying to the lpn program as well. i would hate to have to wait an entire year to reapply again.
    i stressed out about this for almost a month until i realized that there are several lpn to bsn programs in my area. i plan on furthuring my education anyway.... so the lpn program might even work out to be an advantage for me.
  8. by   JoeyDog
    My husband applied to both the LPN and RN program at our community college. He was accepted into the RN program but rejected by the LPN program. Life is funny! As for me I have one more quarter before I can start applying. I also considered applying to both programs but I really don't want to be an LPN (nothing against LPN's). So I decided on a different tactic. I am going to commute. I plan on applying to multiple RN programs that are within a reasonable distance of my house, and a few that would requre me to move. We do not have any children and my husband is now an RN so for us moving is a viable option. I have found six different schools that require exactly the same pre reqs. I figure the more lines you have in the water the more likely you are to get a fish. If commuting is an option for you I would highly recommend that you look into more than one school. My hope is that at least one of them willl grant me acceptance.

    I am also totally nervous about not getting in to any of the schools I apply to. I have a 3.8 gpa but acceptance is sooo crazy competitive that you never know. Good luck!!! I hope that my blathering helped you in someway
  9. by   lilypad2424
    You should apply to both programs. I found myself in the same predicament......I planned on going straight into an RN program and soon realized that it was quite a bit easier to get into the LPN program. I plan on bridging to RN as soon as I'm finished. Ultimately, it's the same amount of time. You have to decide what's right for you, though. Good luck!