Severe test anxiety

  1. I know that testing is important in nursing school and then especially on the NCLEX, but I've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder since I was 5. I'm great at assignments and with quizzes but for some reason on tests I freak out. I have a 100 avg in micro but I just took my first test and know that I bombed. At my old colleges all they'd say was to take the test alone but it doesn't help because it's not distractions that do me in. I took my micro exam and know I did horribly. My teacher suggested I talk to the college but I'm afraid of having something on record when applying to NS. Any suggestions? I know the material, I just panic. And yes, I'm on medication.
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  3. by   Idiosyncratic
    Have you tried talking to a counselor? Unfortunately I don't really know many tips to give you, other than google and see what might work. Do you know what's causing your anxiety?
  4. by   mz23
    I think I have post test anxiety. I always think ive failed a test then feel as if I screwed my furure : (

    I have no advice but I hope you get some help and overcome or manage your anxiety.
  5. by   LadyFree28
    As someone who has had test anxiety, failed ADN school, passed PN and BSN programs, and the NCLEX twice the first time, it IS possible to have a plan to conquer your test anxiety.

    Nursing school WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT hold it against you; they are very much aware of such challenges and they are common. In my PN program, they identified my test anxiety and with their suggestions at the BEGINNING of the program, I was successful-my ADN program did not identify it-I was doing EVERYTHING that they wanted to suggest to me already; the BSN program was very upfront and open for student who had past and current test anxiety. I added to strategies when I went for my NCLEX; and I knew how to tweak for my BSN program and for NCLEX-RN.

    They will be very helpful in strategies for your success, however, It will be up to YOU to ensure that you get treatment for your anxiety; that starts with going your college and using their resources, as well as seeking out a professional to help with your anxiety.

    Best wishes in your success.