schools with the least prereqs? (accelerated BSN, adn, etc.)

  1. Any suggestions???

    Thanks so much.

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  3. by   Jules A
    I'm all about doing it as quickly as possibly also. Look at the school's websites to see what their pre-reqs are like and help with your decision. Good luck.
  4. by   ImmerKlein
    Depends on where you are, of course. If you're willing to go out of state, I know that University of Louisiana lets you start nursing classes in your first semester (also happens to be cheap no matter who you are) and is a very good school.
  5. by   MB37
    University of Louisiana? There's no such's what Tulane was called a long time ago. There's LSU, and there's a UL-Lafayette, UL-Monroe, Southeastern, Nicholls State, and a few others that are in the "University of Louisiana system" but there is no school that's just called U of Louisiana. And so far as I know, they all offer either 4-year or accelerated BSN programs. If there are less prereqs, like at LSU, you have a longer nursing program.
  6. by   ImmerKlein
    I meant University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Sorry. I know there's no such school. And the program is a four-year RN program where you start your classes in your freshman year. is the course guide.