Received my 3rd rejection today.

  1. This morning I woke up and to find that I had an email from my university's college of nursing. I've been so excited for this email because I was sure I was going to get in this time. I've been rejected from the college of nursing twice before, and since I've already met all the prerequisites, I've been taking upper level science courses towards a Human Biology degree. I've worked really hard and got a 4.0 in Orgo 1 and 2, plus the lab (not required for nursing). I've 4.0 a 400 level biochemistry, and pharmacology. This raised my GPA to a 3.6. At the same time I got a job working as a ED Scribe, and continued to volunteer tutoring at risk children in literacy. I got two strong letters of recommendation, one from a former CNA instructor, and another from a supervisor when I volunteered in the ED. I've worked so hard and put so much time into getting accepted into this damn nursing program. I really thought I would get in this time.
    So when I saw the email, I excitedly skimmed to the part "however, you have not been selected for admission". It didn't hit me until I called my mom to tell her the news. During the call I couldn't speak, and I had to hang up so she wouldn't know that I was crying. I had remained positive after my 2 previous failed attempts; however this time, I can't deny the sadness and anger I feel. I skipped all my classes today and sat in my bed trying to convince myself that everything will be okay, that I can finish up my Human Biology degree and apply into Med, Dentistry, or Pharmacology. The problem is, I can't lie to myself and deny the truth, that all I ever wanted was to be a nurse. I apologize for this lengthy rant, I just needed some place to get my thoughts down. I can't speak to anyone about this because it gets difficult to hold back the tears.
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  3. by   mrsboots87
    Im so sorry about your trouble. Its understandable to feel sad on a first time rejection, let alone a third.

    Have you looked into what you colleges retake policy is. Maybe retake a pre req or 2 and try to get As in them. Does your program look at overall GPA, or just your pre reqs? Or both separetly? It sounds like its time to sit down with a nursing advisor to see what needs to be done to get accepted. You may be going about this all wrong. Or there may be something else you can do that you haven't thought of yet. If nursing is what you want keep trying. You can do this, just stay focused.
  4. by   iono101
    Thanks for your reply. My university's policy is that there are no retakes. They look at GPA and science GPA. I just don't know if I want to spend more time on trying to get in. My friends are all graduating this year while I'm here stuck. If I get in to a program that will be another two years and I've already maxed out my loans. I'm planning on visiting an adviser this week.
  5. by   maddiem
    What were your grades in your prerequisite science classes? The classes you listed that you got A's in were not for the nursing program so they're really only going to help your cumulative GPA. Your cumulative GPA is important, but the nursing school is going to be more interested in your prerequisite GPA. Usually what they mean by a 'science GPA' is the science classes that are for the nursing program specifically. So if you didn't do well in your science classes for the nursing program, this could be your problem.

    If you really want to get into nursing school, I would probably choose an other school. Most school allow you to retake classes, so I'm surprised that your school doesn't. I'm assuming from what you've said in your posts that you live at a four year school. If you can't/don't want to leave your school, you could finish out your biology degree and do a masters degree in nursing program designed for people without a nursing degree. So essentially, these programs are for people going through career changes that don't have nursing degrees that want to become nurses. You could also do an accelerated bachelors degree in nursing program. So you would have a second bachelors degree. Both of these kinds of programs will get you an RN license...They're basically the same thing.

    If you're really set on doing your nursing degree now, I would research a handful of schools that you could apply to and complete/retake any classes that you would need to apply to programs and have a competitive GPA. Also keep in mind that getting a good score on your admissions exams will be important too. Best of luck to you!
  6. by   NurseGirl525
    I'm wondering why you didn't talk to an advisor before? Surely they could have told you that you were basically wasting your money taking these upper level science classes that aren't a requirement for the nursing program. Now your loans are maxed. You need to figure out what is exactly required for the nursing program at your school. If it's a lost cause I would start looking at other schools.
  7. by   tortia1
    It is very sad that you were not advised to re-take the sciences that are required for nursing to improve your nursing GPA. However, I can speak from personal experiences how disappointing it could to be told so many times that what you are doing is not good enough. I was at a point where I had a 3.8 GPA and because I just transferred un the school, I was waitlisted. Then I was given a letter of guaranteed acceptance, and because I did not want to default on my financial aid, and I had all the credits needed, I took a business class just for the curiosity of it, and of course I failed it (Don't know what the hell I was thinking). Then, I was given a letter stating that my seat was withdrawn. I was devastated. I tried again, retook the class, passed with a B+ and was denied again. In the end I transferred to another school, and the two years that I would spend to get an associate, I will just spend the same amount of time to get a bachelors. Classes for me starts next month and nothing is more exciting than that feeling. Just do not give up. Nothing good in life comes by easily. You have a dream, fulfill it no matter the circumstances.
  8. by   applesxoranges
    More schools seem to be moving towards a no-retake policy. I would begin looking outside of the box. Can you apply to an associate degree program? What other schools are there in the area? What about moving to a different part of the state where there is less competition and lower cost?
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    I am so sorry.

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    Quote from applesxoranges
    More schools seem to be moving towards a no-retake policy. I would begin looking outside of the box. Can you apply to an associate degree program? What other schools are there in the area? What about moving to a different part of the state where there is less competition and lower cost?
    This seems to be a good path to take. I know it may take a little longer, but an ASN then an online RN to BSN may get you there. If nursing is where you want to be, to me this is a way to get there. Good luck and I would really consider this path, don't dismiss it.
  12. by   akulahawkRN
    Don't despair. I had 2 programs that were effectively my only 2 options at the time. I applied to those two programs (combined) 15 times over a period of 4 years. I kept getting rejection after rejection and eventually I was accepted to both programs at the same time. Yes, I was a "qualified applicant" every time I applied. Now I'm due to graduate in May.

    Just keep your chin up, look around at other programs, and apply to other accredited programs in your local area. If nothing is available nearby and you have the ability to move to another area, consider it. Apply to those places as well and if you get accepted there, it's worth considering.
  13. by   toonsis
    Don't ever give up your dream. Those grades are so good, considering how hard those classes are. There so many routes to being an RN. You can continue with your classes and reapply. You can always apply to direct entry MSN degree, 2nd degree BSN program, or accelerated BSN program after graduation.

    I have a biology degree that I got in 2005 with only a 2.89 (not a serious student then). ADN is only my option now, I have 3.5 now. My point is everyone gets there differently. You can do it
  14. by   na-na
    I am so sorry to hear that this is happening to you, but I am sure that everything will work out. If this is what you really want don't give up on it. I am sure that when you finally get an acceptance this letter, that this experience will have made you stronger and you won't even think about these rejection letters. Have you tried looking into an LPN program to get your foot in the door. Many people dismiss this option but this is what I am doing. I was an alternate then denied to my nursing program for summer 2013, I was recently accepted into an LPN program that starts in January. It hurt like heck to get that rejection letter and it hurt even more when my friends who applied for fall 2013 got accepted. But I know nursing is my dream and even though I did not get accepted into my first choice school, I will still become a nurse although the journey will be longer.

    Keep going you have gotten this far. Do not give up now.