Prereqs way in advance?

  1. TLDR: I'm thinking of starting nursing school in about 6-7 years, should I take prereqs now?

    Currently, I have a human services bachelor's degree, and want to get my RN part time. We're planning to start a family soon, so I'd likely go back to school (part time, planning to be a SAHM) once our kids start school.

    Would it be worth it for me to take microbiology, A&P i/ii now or is that too far in advance?
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  3. by   203bravo
    I wouldn't... many schools require that your sciences be taken within the past 4-5 years or you will need to repeat them.... I would suggest that you talk to the nursing program that you are interested in attending to see if they have such requirements.. but honestly anything can happen in 7 years and you could even find yourself living somewhere else and the other program may have such time limits.
  4. by   elkpark
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    I would not take any science courses well in advance. If you want to knock out some general education/liberal arts courses, those will not "age out" the way science courses do.

    Do you know for a fact that there is a part-time RN program near you? They aren't that common; you can't just assume you'll be able to go to nursing school part-time.

    Best wishes for your journey --
  5. by   idkmybffjill
    I agree with the other two posters. There are too many programs that require you to have taken the prereqs within a certain number of years that it probably wouldn't be worth it.
  6. by   YeahMan
    There is, it's an AAS through my local community college (or there's a part-time BSN through another private college in the area).
  7. by   allisonmcx
    Prereqs like a&p are hugely important to nursing school. I wouldn't recommend taking them 6-7 years in advanced because you likely won't remember it enough for it to be useful in your nursing classes. I saw a posting about someone who was in a med-surge class and hadn't really thoroughly learned a&p. he ended up having to drop med-surge because he didn't have the basic foundation
  8. by   BICU_RN2016
    I agree with the previous posters as far as not taking science classes to far in advance. A solid understanding of A&P is really an essential building block for nursing school, especially if you are going to be going to nursing school part time! That being said, I took many pre-reps ahead of time (English, math classes, chemistry, etc) so it is a good idea to start getting some of those out of the way Best of luck to you!
  9. by   Tprofitt
    Not sure how the nursing programs in your area work, but over here and everywhere else that I know of, you have to apply and be accepted. To have everything planned out so far in advance is just asking for upset in my opinion. If it takes 2 years just to be accepted then you'll be regretting not starting sooner.