Pre req 5 years limit?

  1. so I talked to my counselor and she said that in order to be accepted into the rn program I have to have everything done within 5 yrs. Okay cool, but is that only regarding the science classes ? (Anatomy, micro, chem,physiology)? Or does that 5 year started when I began college with my general ed ? Cause I started general ed 2 years ago already and I'm just barley taking anatomy this semester.
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  3. by   BreeFutureBSNRN
    The best answer would come from the school in which you are applying, I've generally only heard that the science classes needed to be within 5 years, but every school is different. The school I'm applying to no longer have a time limit on any classes. So I would say verify from the school so you know for sure. Best of Luck
  4. by   lehaley1989
    I agree with BreeFutureBSNRN. Your best bet is to touch base with an advisor for the nursing program you are interested in to clarify. In my experience though, time limits typically only apply to classes like A&P, Chem, Stats, Human Development, Micro, etc.
  5. by   FDBMath
    As previously stated, it depends on the school you are applying to. I am going back to school after earning a BS in Biology in 1995. Because this was so long ago and many of the prereqs I took back then, I was limited in the number of schools I could apply to. However, there were a number of schools that had no recency requirement for classes. I was able to identify those schools through talking with the schools and checking their list of prerequisites and requirements. Good luck!!