1. Is Pre-Calculus needed for nursing programs? If not, what math courses were required for you when you were applying for nursing school?
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  4. by   lunanarya
    Every program is a little different. College Algebra was the requirement for my program. While it wasn't required for admission to the program, the class had to be taken prior to graduation from the program (meaning you could take it while doing your nursing courses.)
  5. by   Rionoir
    It's not a requirement for nursing school for sure. If you want to go on to a DNP program eventually, many of them require a statistics class, but I think for the basic stats classes college algebra is the prerequisite there as well.
  6. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    Before I decided to pursue nursing officially, I had the chance to look up some "big name" schools. To transfer into the school, I needed to complete Calculus. If you do not have credit or have not tested into it, I would assume pre-calc would be a requirement to take calculus.

    Every program is different. I believe my program will accept Intermediate Algebra, but awards extra points for Statistics. This is also a requirement for some RN-BSN programs in the area that students like to do later.
  7. by   thatgirl2478
    So there's two things - first - yes I did ok in my math classes. And second, no, pre-calc/calculus wasn't required for any of the schools I was able to apply to (within reasonable driving distance). I did get A's/B's in Algebra & Geometry and A's/B's in my statistics classes. Basic math IS NEEDED for nursing - addition/subtraction/multiplication/division with conversions and fractions being the bulk of your calculations.
  8. by   caliotter3
    You can easily find the required courses for any nursing program on the website link for that program.
  9. by   tell it like it is
    The student loan criminals and other racketeers like to raise the bar higher and higher as everyone and their uncles, brothers, cousins, nieces, spouses, aunts, friends, etc flock into the one profession that is not yet dying (give it time). Physical therapy, which was a 4 year program, is now a 7 year program. Even though calculus have NOTHING to do with one's ability to be a nurse, expect them to raise the bar to include that as well even though it has nothing to do with common sense or decent human values.
  10. by   HalfBoiled
    Only Statistics was the only sort of math for pre-reqs.
    I did college algebra for my GEs and boosted my GPA prior to applying.

    IF you finished your pre-reqs and awaiting for the application period, I would adivse to finish your GE's so you can focus on your nursing required classes.
  11. by   painelex
    Yes I tried that but in other schools there courses are named differently so I cant really tell which is which.
  12. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    Quote from painelex
    Yes I tried that but in other schools there courses are named differently so I cant really tell which is which.
    There are usually catalogs and schedules available that describe each what each class is about. Look for common themes.
  13. by   kjs91
    For the majority of schools I have been looking into/ applied to statistics is a required class.

    I am in Mass and this was for BSN programs and one ASN program I looked into.

    Other than statistics, Algebra was required for most ASN programs.