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Recently I decided to become a nurse but now I have grades that I feel...are no good to even apply to a nursing school with. I am depressed because I was looking forward to enter nursing school. With... Read More

  1. by   KKING
    Your Grades Are Not That Bad. However, You Should Consider Taking Anatomy And Micro Over. All You Have To Do Is Study. You Must Be Dedicated And Focused. At Least Aim For A B-, At Least. If You Really Want It. You'll Do It. Just Apply Anyway
  2. by   catzy5
    Quote from tofutti
    What about starting at ground zero with an lpn program that doesn't have prerequisites? Or am I wrong and they have prereq's too?
    I started to do this because I was worried about my GPA from 20 years ago. OUr school has pre reqs for their LPN program english, AP (without lab) and dosage calculation. I had gotten a C in english and we can't retake classes here so I actually thought I had a better chance in the RN program as they require more pre reqs LOL.
  3. by   slou!
    I agree, look around before retaking your classes! I also wouldn't recommend retaking ALL of your classes! I think the 2 that you would have to retake would be micro and anatomy. But even still, look around for colleges with a lower GPA. What area are you in? You might have to go on the wait list but you never know until you apply..
  4. by   amanji
    Thank you guys, I really appriciate the help.
    I am in the LA area and admission requirements here are impossible.
    I can easily get an A of I retake the micro and anatomy. Thing is ...many colleges have a problem with re-takes and they are marking down that stuff. That's what sucks.

    Btw can you guys tell me more about the LVN program please. I am currently researching it online to see If i can get into it. A year more of studying does not matter to me as long as I can get into the profession that I like.
    Again, your help is much appriciated.
  5. by   HididiScribbler
    Yes, it's hard to get into CA nursing schools, but there IS hope IF you can put up with waiting.
    For example, my school accepts 40 people a semester based on points...for that, yeah, you would probably have to have higher grades. But 10 students are selected from the waiting list based only on how long they've been waiting. Now they have to wait a couple of years, but waiting is better than giving up altogether...
    The LVN route is a great option for you, too...
  6. by   MB37
    Only a thought - once you know for sure what the requirements are in your area, what LVN programs are, etc., most colleges also offer amnesty. Even if they won't let you retake a C, they may let you redo the entire semester - although some schools make you drop ALL of your previous credits for amnesty. May look into that too, esp. if a couple of C's are in the same semester...