playing the waiting game, whose doing the same? :)

  1. just got my letter in the mail telling me that my BSN program has recieved my application, but i won't know anything until the middle of march. i am super nervous, lol. i have a 3.8 gpa, but i am still anxious about not getting accepted. i guess i am a special case, i won't be through with my prereq's until after the maymester. all A's in my science courses. just really, really impatient lol. is anyone expecting letters this month?
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  3. by   doctormomof3
    I am also playing the waiting game, however, I'm keeping myself busy between finishing Micro and taking care of my family. I have to keep my mind busy or else I'll go nuts with anticipation! LOL Good luck to us both!!!!
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  4. by   breezy7
    Me! And I'm taking A&P II this summer, so even if I get in, I'll have to wait until I'm finished to know for sure.
  5. by   nfleurant
    I had a nursing interview a week and a half ago and think it went well! So any day now I am waiting for a phone call, mail package, email anything. I am praying I get in! But I am full-time student with 15 credits so schoolwork has been keeping me busy!
  6. by   kay1994
    Playing the waiting game until early April so very stressful.
    Praying that ill get accepted because i want it so badly and have wanted to be a nurse since i was a little girl!
    Good luck to all
  7. by   crittytn
    I'm hoping to find out in early March. If I have to wait too much longer past that, I'm going to go crazy!!!

    Good luck everyone!
  8. by   nguyency77
    Aw, lucky! I want to be waiting for my letter already.
    I'm sick of pre-requisites, haha. I have only a couple of classes left to take. I have to take so many pointless classes to keep my scholarship so I can pay for nursing school. Ugh. I guess spring is making me really anxious!

    OP: Good luck, I am sure you'll make it
  9. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    I'm nervously waiting for an interview invitation. Waiting is the hardest part!
  10. by   Lola34
    I should know something by mid March. Good luck to everyone
  11. by   FLNurse2015
    I should know by Thursday, it's so hard waiting!
  12. by   MyMystudentRN
    i should know by mid-april. the waiting game definitely sucks!
  13. by   badwolf
    I am! Won't know anything until mid April. I've been trying to stay busy. Luckily, micro and chem are helping me with that!
    Good luck all.
  14. by   ameliagal
    I'm waiting to hear back from my program too. They said Late March and they'd be sending emails. The acclerated program was late Jan(22nd was when they got their emails). Its very nerve wracking