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I wasn't going to do this, but oh well, maybe it will make some part of my brain feel better or what not. Anyway Has anyone applied or been apcepted to Phillips Beth Isreal School of Nursing in New... Read More

  1. by   lorba
    Quote from Solvita
    You always have to have a plan B. Some colleges accept 2x a year. Not so bad for you because during fall semester you can take some classes you think you need, then it will be the end of the year and in January some colleges start give NLN test. It is not so bad overall and you did not waist much time either. I did that after taking all my prerequisites, Kingsborough did not allow me to change my major to pre-clinical nursing to take NLN exam because I officially withdraw form sam class and that was shown on my transcript even though I took that class again and did well. . That is how Kingsborough treats its students.
    Solvita - did you apply to change your major to pre-clinical? Did they send u a letter telling you that was why you weren't allowed to change the major or did an advisor tell u that? I'm just curious because I'm about to apply for a change of curriculum and have a similar situation where I withdrew from a class. Also, was the class that you withdrew from a pre-clinical class?
  2. by   nyjoy
    is there a waiting list for this school?
  3. by   Excited02
    yes they do have a waiting list.
  4. by   kcsparkles
    I believe they do carry a waiting list, call the school and ask if you are on the list. The woman there is pretty good in getting back to you
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  5. by   sk57
    hey, does anyone still have their nursing books from their 1st semester and are willing to sell them? NUR 100, 101, 102, & 103.
  6. by   sk57
    hey guys, i'm starting PBISN this coming Fall, and wanted to know if anyone still had their books?
    I have my pre-req's and sciences, so I need the nursing books, as well as patho & nutrition.
    thanks alot!
    PM me if you'd like.. thanks a lot in advance