personal statement proof-read/re-edit request

  1. Hi everyone, please pardon my little time spent in allnurses forums. But I have read lots of posts during my breaks and they're so thoughtful and enjoyable. I've finished a personal statement along with a resume for nursing application for Uni of WA Welcome to the UW SON

    My personal statement contains sensitive information that I don't want to disclose in public. Is there anyone willing to help me with this request? I understand that I had not contribute anything to allnurses yet but will try to help other fellows in future if time is affordable.

    Please post a reply that I could private message you and send my resume along with personal statement to you for help. Thank you so much, happy new year and holidays.

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  3. by   GPatty
    maybe you could explain a bit further what you are needing help with, and we could help then.
    I'm trying to understand, but am afraid I'm not quite there yet!
  4. by   hiep
    Thanks so much Julie,

    my intend was to find someone that will give feedback and proof reading my personal statement. i thought my personal statement was too passive and afraid the admission committee would not consider me as a candidate even though I had other qualities.

    Julie, please let me know promtly that you can help me. Thank you so much, have a nice day.

  5. by   Lori RN_09_2b

    If you haven't found help yet, I'd be willing. I use to be a freelance proofreader and am a pretty good writer. Let me know!

  6. by   hiep
    thanks so much everyone, especially to kevin . i had successfully completed my application with everything else in the package and i had turned the application in. all it is left that i should wait. i wish you all great happiness and happy coming holidays.

    best regards & sincere,
  7. by   canoehead
    Good luck to you.
  8. by   hiep
    thank you canoehead. i've so much hope for it. it's my dream.

    best regards & sincere,