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  1. I am applying to a LPN program at a community college. One of the requirements is a personal essay explaining:

    1. Why you want to be a LPN
    2. Why you should be admitted to the nursing program
    3. What are your strengths and weaknesses

    I am having difficulty determining what format to write this in. Should I write it like an essay or just the facts?

    I feel like I should start it off with something about why and how I became a CNA. The telemarketing company I had worked at for 9 years was shutting down and I was lost. My grandmother had recently moved into a nursing home that I felt really good about. In talking with the administrator of the nursing home and the job service center, I learned of a program for displaced workers and decided to take the CNA course. The closing of the telemarketing company was a blessing in disguise as I love being a CNA and working at the nursing home. The residents there are like family to me and I have wonderful relationships with them. I never knew what a positive impact the residents could have on my life.

    Is this something I could start my essay with? If so, what should my opening statement contain? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Sure, why not? Your opening kept my attention and I usually hate reading the "Why I want to be a nurse" essay. Openings in mosts posts are pretty redundant.

    They usually share the same theme and sound more like "I always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was a child because blah blah blah event happened to me or some family member..." Or "I never thought about being a nurse until I was in the hospital or visiting someone in the hospital and blah blah blah event happened to me...."

    I am not saying that those Essays do not get admitted or that they are not any good. I am just saying that I like the theme of your opening because it is different. Good luck. :wink2:
  4. by   Jules A
    I liked it also. I would add to the reasons you should be picked for their program is that you are already working in the health care arena and therefore have a very accurate idea of what nursing involves. Good luck!
  5. by   dennall
    this is my rough draft- any suggestions??

    i was astounded by the news i had heard. i had worked for a telemarketing company for 9 years and was planning to stay with them until i retired. now the chairman of the company had informed the department heads that the business was shutting down. i felt disconcerted. not only did i have to inform my employees that they would soon be out of a job, i also had to prepare for my own loss of employment. i didn’t realize it at the time, but this was a true blessing in disguise.

    shortly before being informed of my pending job loss, we had placed my grandmother in a long term care facility. i was spending considerable time there and was attending various activities with her. i really enjoyed the residents and the caring atmosphere. therefore, i decided to talk with the administrator about the requirements of an activities assistant position. he informed me that the first step was to get enrolled in a certified nursing assistant program. he said that after obtaining my certified nursing assistant license, i could work as a nursing assistant until such time that an activities position became available.

    consequently, i decided to take the certified nursing assistant course in preparation of a position in the activities department at the long term care facility. i accepted a position of a nursing assistant and began my employment there midway through my nursing assistant class. i found that i really enjoyed working as a certified nursing assistant. i appreciated the opportunity it provided me with for one on one involvement with the residents. i soon realized that even though this wasn’t my original plan, working in the nursing field was ideal for me. nine years later, i am still working as a certified nursing assistant for the same long term care facility. the residents there are like family to me and i have wonderful relationships with them. i never knew what a positive impact the residents could have on my life

    by nature, i am a sincere, dedicated, caring, individual who has a great deal of ambition. i love to learn, and am always up to a challenge. i prefer to be in a setting where i can interact with others, although i can efficiently work on my own as well. i have the ability to effectively communicate with people. i understand that each individual is unique. through my employment at the long term care facility, i have learned to adapt my approach to meet the needs of the individual i am interacting with.

    i have also thought the challenges i might need to overcome as a licensed nurse. i think the biggest obstacle would be delegating responsibilities for the residents. i tend to prefer to do things myself, so that i know that they are done to the best of my ability. i am confident that this is something i can use to my advantage. as a licensed nurse, there are many different ways that i could share my passion to provide the best possible care for the residents.

    after much consideration and research, i am determined to continue my education in the field of nursing. i have spoken at length with nurses at the facility where i am employed and i have observed the charge nurses with their responsibilities. i have an accurate idea of what nursing involves and i know that i would be extremely proficient as a licensed nurse.

    my experience with the nursing assistant program offered through ---college was wonderful. ----was a very compassionate, knowledgeable instructor. i have also talked with nurses who have completed the vocational program through --- college. i am convinced that this nursing program is the right one for me.
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