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Hi everyone. In summer my GPA was 4.0. Now that I actually took harder classes Fall term (I HATE CHEM), my GPA has dropped to 3.78. I know, that is still good, but I keep beating myself up over... Read More

  1. by   MB37
    The only B's I would beat myself up over now are the type from my first degree where I occasionally "settled" for a B instead of going the extra mile for an A. Some A's I didn't work very hard for, and some B's I busted my butt for, but I got a little burned out towards the end and let some classes go. Those were usually in boring classes that many people considered easy, but I just wouldn't do the work. Now that I'm a little older my work ethic has improved greatly, and I consider both grades and learning to be important. Don't get yourself down for a B if you worked as hard as you could for it, especially when you still have a good GPA. Make sure you get all A's in the easy classes and don't slack off, and do your absolute best in the ones that are harder for you. Hopefully, you will get A's, but one more B won't ruin your GPA or chances for getting into NS. Good luck!
  2. by   llg
    Quote from rn/writer

    Aim high. Aim very high. But keep a sense of balance and proportion about life as a whole. Don't waste time whipping yourself if you fall short of your goals. Develop appreciation for whatever you are able to achieve and build from there.

    Because we are human, excellence is achievable; perfection is not.

    Very well said. (But then, you often say things well. :spin:
  3. by   nursekatie22
    I was like that in high school and believe you me, I got over it as soon as I started nursing school. There was an advanced med/surg class in my last semester that I PRAYED for a C in!!
  4. by   Moondance
    Good thread. I am in the same boat, making the A's and hoping that my past B's won't keep me from obtaining a coveted spot in the nursing program. (My GPA is 3.78). The BSN program I am hoping to get in to doesn't do personal interviews, so all they have to go by is the GPA, HESI, and a short essay.

    In addition, I am planning to be a CRNA, so making the A's as much as possible will really be important.

    As MMW37 said, the B's I regret are the ones I settled for back in the day when I wasn't thinking about nursing school & CRNA.

    For me though, I believe I can accept getting a lower grade if I know I have really made an effort and at least tried for the A. I have done some talking to myself over this winter break because I know that the courses I will be taking will be more challenging than what I have had in the past.