Organic Chemistry and General Bio

  1. I would like to apply for the absn Summer 2019 program. Applications are due July 1st. I am currently taking A&P. All of my other prerequisites are completed except Organic Chem and General Bio. I took Bio at my previous university but it was not accepted which put a damper in my plans of taking A&P one semester and then Organic the next semester both alone. I currently work full time and taking classes at the local community college. To get this done I planned to take Organic and Biology in the summer (8 weeks) and take an educational leave for those 8 weeks. The classes will end the end of June, just in time to meet Summer 2019 deadline. Do you think that's doeable? Another thing I have A's in all of my prerequisites except General Chem I got a C and I'm working hard to get an A in the A&P class I'm currently in. Do you think they'll make me retake General Chem? What should I do? What do you suggest?
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  3. by   direw0lf
    Well with a C in general chem, you have to be careful about taking organic chem in a summer session along with another science imo, if chem is a hard subject for you. You could try repeating the gen chem... you know for me I didn't feel that my organic chem built upon my inorganic chem much but some concepts were important to understand. It would stink to go through that intense summer sesh to come out with 2 more C's. You also should find out what your nursing program requires? Some require a minimum grade of C+ or B.

    Anyway short simple answer is 2 sciences in a summer sesh are doable but given your C in chem that chem is hard for you and Bio is usually easy I would skip the bio for later and do the chem, concentrating all on it and getting a good grade.
  4. by   Sunshine0623
    I was thinking if I took a leave off work during that summer session I'd be able to concentrate, attend tutoring sessions and study more unlike before working full time. Hypothetically if I got all A's in all of my other prerequisite, do you think that they wouldn't accept me for the C in Chem?
  5. by   caliotter3
    Nobody here can speak for your school especially since you don't tell us what school you are talking about. Your best bet is to speak to an advisor at the school.
  6. by   Sunshine0623
    Oakland University but I was going to take those two science classes and the community college
  7. by   JAG-
    I'm in the BSN program at OU right now. For ABSN, as long as you have 3.6 you should be all set. for Traditional BSN, you're looking at 3.8 for admission
  8. by   Sunshine0623
    Even with a 2.0 in Chemistry? How long did it take for you to find out you were accepted after the application deadline?
  9. by   JAG-
    I didn't have a 2.0 in chem and I found mine out after a couple months
  10. by   Sunshine0623
    Do you think I'll have to retake the course? Or just make sure I do really well in the remaining courses I have?
  11. by   JAG-
    OU's program requires every pre tea to be at least 2.8 so you will have to retake it
  12. by   Sunshine0623
    Even if my gpa is a 3.6 or higher? You don't think it's possible for me to make the cut
  13. by   JAG-
    Everyvclass of the pre req are required to be 2.8 or higher so you won't be able to apply until that score is replaced
  14. by   jazzytee
    May I ask which school are u applying for with July as its Deadline for Summer 2019 Program?