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  1. I am asking for advice. I am hoping to enroll in an ABSN program in about two years, when my military service ends. I have a bachelor's and master's degrees but need to complete all of the science courses. I don't know where I'll be applying because my husband will still be in the military. With my frequent deployments, it would be easiest to take online classes. Did anyone do this? Were they accepted? I am specifically looking at Oregon State's online classes. They are the same as on campus apparently.
    Since I don't know which schools or even state I will be living in, is it too much of a gamble to do online prereq lab science classes? Thank you!
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  3. by   shibaowner
    You have to check with the nursing schools you are interested in. Some will not accept online labs.
  4. by   Lhalty
    I know that nursing schools in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia don't care if take your prerequisite online or in campus as long as they are from an accredited school. I don't see why any nursing school won't accept online prerequisites if they are accredited but you should the admission advisors or check the schools of interest to confirm it.
  5. by   mumto2monsters
    I live in Virginia and take all my classes online, including labs. Which aren't as easy as you'd think. We do have some labs that are hands on, but you order the kit and do it at home. I currently have a brain sitting next to our fish tanks. I hope the salt water doesn't spoil it, but that's the only place I could find I'd remember it.
  6. by   TheMB
    Try portage learning. I took almost all my pre reqs there besides Chem 2. Their classes run about $600 for non lab courses (such as nutrition) and $800 for those with labs, all materials needed for the class are built into the site and the transcripts will come from Geneva College. I haven't met a school yet who wouldn't take them, the only con is that their is no financial aid or payment plans so the cost must be paid out front but you can take as many classes as you want and move as quick as you want as well just be prepared for a 2-3 week wait at peak time for transcripts. Good luck!
  7. by   soccer_cat
    Thanks! Will check it out!
  8. by   neogirl
    My ABSN program does not accept online prereqs.