Online Organic Chemistry

  1. Does anyone know of any Online Organic Chemistry Courses other than the class offered UNE?
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  3. by   wish_me_luck
    I don't. But, I have taken organic chemistry and honestly, I would not attempt it online. If you have a wonderful grasp of chemistry and really like it, maybe. But, it can be very complex.

    Does your nursing program require it?
  4. by   elkpark
    Also, if you find one, be sure that you know whether the school you would be wanting to transfer the course into requires a lab component or not, and that the specific course you want to take will be accepted by the school. You don't want to find out after you've put in the time, money, and effort that the course doesn't meet the school's requirements.
  5. by   chorkle

    Agree with wish_me_luck (and elkpark's advice, suggestions, should never be overlooked) . . .

    Organic chemistry on-line? No classroom interaction with instructor & other students? No office hours available? No lab?

    Likely to be unproductive, I'm thinking. Well, you might get "credit" for the "course." I'd seriously question how much understanding of the subject you'd acquire. (Of course, if that's not your objective, well, then . . .)

    College "credit" for smth one doesn't really understand--can explain any aspect of it, to someone who knows nothing about it--seems to me an abomination of the first rank, akin to the ever-present problem of grade inflation. But perhaps this may not apply to your situation.
  6. by   WillLeads2Way
    Don't know if you're asking about a specific school (I look at postings under "what's new") but I would strongly recommend not taking it online unless you're great at chemistry.

    I was a bio major in college and remember this being my most challenging class (plus the only 2 profs we had at my school were terrible). Of course, this doesn't mean that it'd be challenging for you, but....

    Good luck!
  7. by   strife317
    Thank you everyone for the quick response .

    I've taken both organic I & II in the past, but my credits are just past 10 years. Unfortunately the BSN program will not accept these credits and I would have to retake organic I. I was looking for an alternative such as an online course or credit by exam. I used excelsiors credit by exam for A&P, instead of retaking the class.
  8. by   strife317
    I was also a bio major and definitely agree that both organic chemistry I and II were very difficult.

    I dread having to go through the 3 hrs labs again