Online Anatomy&Physiology 1without Biology Prerequisites

  1. Please does anyone know any Online Anatomy&Physiology class without the prerequisites of Biology
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    I do not believe there is one. The reason for pre-requisites is to give you a foundation on the topic you are about to embark. I do not know what is motivating you to take A&P without taking biology first, but it would just make it more difficult to "connect the dots".

    Bite the bullet, take Biology first.
  4. by   tolufaj
    The issue is time.Im trying to take accelerated BSN.I have a Bachelor of science in Sociology and a Masters
  5. by   idkmybffjill
    I don't believe any regionally accredited A&P classes lack biology as a prereq. Have you never taken any type of bio course? Sometimes if you have a higher bio than the prereq, they will allow that to be used to satisfy the prereq instead. Though if you honestly never had a college bio course, it's probably best to take one as its a good foundation for A&P.
  6. by   E_curry1
    I didn't take Biology in high school or in college. I passed A&P 1 with an A. It's possible, but I don't know about online. I would not have wanted to take it online at all.
  7. by   Ruixi13
    I was lucky. At the university I took pre-reqs biology was not needed to take A&P. It was not online however. Did you check the community college in your area for their pre-req requirements for A&P? I think for sciences, most nursing schools don't accept most of the sciences that don't have an on-site lab period. My school would accept other pre-reqs taken online, but not sciences.
  8. by   tolufaj
    I found onsite schools with no biology prerequisite but I moved to another state and I couldn't do it. Plus, online class would be more flexible for me.
  9. by   idkmybffjill
    Maybe look at your nearest community college(s), then? They will generally have quite a few online classes. I know mine has online A&P (you just had to pay like $400 just for a lab kit for the lab portion). I did a hybrid course myself.
  10. by   tolufaj
    And it didn't require biology prerequisite?
  11. by   idkmybffjill
    Yeah. I thought mine had a biology prereq at first, but I realized there wasn't. So a community college near you could easily have one without bio as a prereq. They might also have one that starts later in the semester that you could still sign up for, depending on enrollment length.
  12. by   tolufaj
    Please what's the school name.
  13. by   sasera
    Clovis Community College in NM has online A&P 1 and 2. You have to buy the lab kit separately and you do the dissections at home. No prereqs. Registration for the current term ends on Monday.
  14. by   tolufaj
    Thank you so much.I contacted them today .