NYC - BMCC vs Hunter for Pre-Reqs

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm currently on the carnival ride that is CUNY and trying to decide whether to pursue my pre-reqs at Hunter or BMCC. I am enrolled in Anatomy 1 at BMCC, but Hunter has given me permission (albeit quite late) to take Anatomy 2 this semester and Anatomy 1 in the fall. It's a veryyyyy long story.

    I apologize in advance if I am remiss for thinking this, but can anyone tell from personal experience if is Hunter coursework is favored over BMCC? From what I've gathered, Hunter is more rigorous, but my experience thus far with BMCC has been WAY less of a hassle than my past dealings with Hunter. I also like that BMCC offers a program that ensures earlier registration for Micro, anatomy etc.

    Bottom line: I know almost certainly that I can finish up my prereqs in 2018 if I take them at BMCC, and I definitely can't say that for Hunter. But I don't want to take the pre reqs at BMCC if it's not respected by the adcoms.

    I need to decide tomorrow what I'm doing here -- if I decide to go for Hunter, I'll have to file a registration appeal with the Dean and work my butt off to make up almost two weeks of lost class time. Otherwise, I move on with BMCC without looking back.

    I'm so torn. PLEASE help!
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  3. by   RainbowSprinkles
    where are you ultimately trying to go for nursing: hunter or bmcc?
  4. by   colenativity
    Thank you so much for responding! Neither one actually. Just taking prereqs at one or the other bc they're the easiest schools for me to travel to
  5. by   TAKOO01
    You made me laugh with the "carnival ride" line.

    If you apply to NYC schools, it doesn't matter which CUNY you pick. Out of state - I dunno if they will care. I would take the easiest route, which seems to be BMCC for you.
  6. by   RainbowSprinkles
    I've found that no one cares about where you take your pre reqs, just the grades! At my community college, there were students for pre med, pharm d and nursing taking pre reqs. You really be surprised, my AP1 professor at nassau community college also work at Hunter. I was having casual conversation with a friend and realized that we had the same professor and our exams were even the same.
  7. by   jglnyc
    BMCC, smaller class size, better curve, try take Will Meridian? for A&P at bcc. He is awesome!
  8. by   Ruixi13
    I don't think any school really cares where you take pre-reqs at. The school you get your degree from is the only thing you should focus on. That said, Hunter is a great school, but you may have perks of taking your pre-reqs at a community college or elsewhere!