NursingCAS Complaint - page 2

I believe this company is fraudulently charging their customers by advertising schools that do not participate in this centralized application process. They advertise a list of participating schools... Read More

  1. by   Mandy0728
    I don't actually submit my application until June, when it opens, but I already created a profile & entered in all 108 of my credits. ( I feel so bad for all of u entering in way more than that!) I never understood that either since we have to send transcripts anyways....I hope I don't run into the same problems but assuming there's a lot of responses....I'm sure I will. Hopefully you all got it all figured out!!
  2. by   NursingCassucks2017
    Word of the day: Officious! Customer Service is out of the question! God forbid there is a single typo error on any of your 6 or 7 transcripts!
    You are unable to explain anything to Customer Service, any attempt to explain a simple typo error is considered arguementitive and "unprofessional". If you are looking at all the transcripts that you received it is obvious that a typo error was made 31 years ago. They want proof of not attending a school I never attended! Well there are a million schools I have never attended! The lackies refused to let me speak to a supervisor! I researched who the Director was and HE came to my rescue! Thanks Bill! But really this whole experience has been a total nightmare! Its a money making scheme. The college already has all my transcripts! Every time I called I advised them of the error and all customer service did was state that for a mere fee of $$$ (can't remember the fee) but it was about $100.00 or so, they could aquire my transcripts and for another mere fee, of such and such the could input it! These woman are heartless and insane! Makes me so not want to be a nurse. What is up with these women? Men are easier to communicate with from my point of view. Anyway I am not a fan of Nursing Cas! They really need better customer service. I find to be a bureacratic scam!