Nursing student check in..

  1. I just thought that since some us have been in school for about a month, I'd see how everyone is doing. I'm doing much better that I expected, at this point. I've had 2 essays in eng. comp. and 1 test in bio (along with all the outside ungraded homework). So far i've recived all A's (knock on wood LOL). I have another test tonight so we'll see how that goes. Hows everyone else doing? Sinking, swimming? Easier or harder than you thought?
    BTW I consider all of us nursing students, since that is our goal. Some schools do pre-requs, and some do co-requs. So check in please even if you aren't in the "nursing" program yet.
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  3. by   BrwnEyedGirl9402
    I'm doing alot better than I thought. I'm taking 6 classes this semester. I've only had one quiz and I made an A. I have two exams next week one in A & P and the other in Lifespan. I have an English essay due the 22nd.

    I'm just ready to get the pre reqs done and be in nursing school.
  4. by   LMRN10
    Hey, thanks for asking!!

    I think I'm doing fine, but I am doing an online course and I have to say compared to the other online courses I've taken, this one has been very unorganized and when it comes to school, I like to be organized!! Oh's gotten a little better. But I think all in all, I'm doing ok. I'm taking Intercultural Communications is required at my school. It's actually interesting! I do like it, just wish it was more organized!
  5. by   LMRN10
    Quote from BrwnEyedGirl9402
    I'm doing alot better than I thought. I'm taking 6 classes this semester. I've only had one quiz and I made an A. I have two exams next week one in A & P and the other in Lifespan. I have an English essay due the 22nd.

    I'm just ready to get the pre reqs done and be in nursing school.
    I know what you mean about getting it done, but be happy you can take so many classes at once!! I am working full time and have a 1 year old (1 year today actually) and it's hard...I just want to be done with it already!! If I could, I would definitely go to school full-time, but my job pays 100% of my tuition, so I am willing to take the time to do both at this point!

    Good luck!!
  6. by   tigress_8207
    Hi.Failed math exam for the second time causing me to blow my chances of getting in nursing school this year.Retaking it in january for september acceptance.Hoping all goes well.
  7. by   cad4296
    I'm swimming, well maybe trying to stay afloat is more like it! It's crazy and hectic but I haven't missed anything or bombed any assignments yet so that's a good sign! I am in my last semester of pre-reqs/co-reqs/general ed classes they make you take and applying for a BSN program in January for fall acceptance. I have 5 classes: history 2, english 2, chemistry, anatomy lab, and dance class (for fine/performing arts credit) So far for history I've taken 8 quizzes, 4-100's, 3-90's range, and 1 B (read the wrong chapter! :smackingf ) done 5 class discussion assigments (participation grade, A as long as you do them!) and started my semester writing assignment. In English I've done 1 essay (A for effort beginning semester essay) and 2 class discussions which are also participation=A and have begun my second essay and research paper. In anatomy we've done 3 prelabs, 3 lab reports (all A's) 3 quizzes (haven't got grades yet ) and our first test is tomarrow. Chemistry is a second start class so that starts next week! :uhoh21: All this plus my full time job and a second job teaching dance once a week! Oh did I mention I absolutely NEED all A's?!?! No pressure, huh?! LOL! My current GPA is 3.34 and all A's would get me up to a 3.55. I wish I could do better but I've been working and going to school full time for the entire length of college so sometimes I have to settle for B's. AGH! The pressure!
  8. by   JaxiaKiley
    We have pre-reqs and co-reqs I have finished my pre-reqs and am taking some co-reqs this semester while I wait to see if I was accepted to start in Spring 07. I'm taking A&P II, Statistics, US Govt and Texas Govt (the last 3 are for a RN-BSN transition program).
  9. by   metfan
    I started my program a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say how much I love it. It is a local LPN program at Questar. The teachers are great. They have really made me excited about my new career. Yes, there is alot of work, but they help you through it. They tell the funniest stories about nursing. We started with Microbiology and they even make that interesting. I am really happy I chose this program. Colleen
  10. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    i've taken 3 test in my medical terminology class, and got 2 "a" & 1 "b"...i have a test in my human development class on tuesday..i pray i do well..sheesh. i actually am hoping its multiple choice. that would help me greatly, then i'd be more confidenct i would do better. i have alot to remember in that classes, between erikson, piaget, freud, bates..etc..has anyone else taken tests in these classes..are they multipule choice? or written? uhh..anyways, 2 a's & 1 b isn't so bad, now just hoping i pass my human dev. class. i know i need to do good in this class because i'm going to take psychology next semseter along with biology, and i need to know the theorist in psychology..anyone else feeling my pain (lol)?

    amy..(pre-nursing student)

  11. by   MB37
    I had to move last year, so I had four more prereqs to take here in Florida. This semester I have A&P I and Life Cycle, next semester A&P II and Nutrition. Then hopefully I'll start the accelerated BSN program next fall - I have to go to a meeting Wednesday to make sure that's possible. For the regular BSN program you have to have completed all of your prereqs before you even apply, but the website doesn't say that about the accelerated program. Regular BSN students could do their prereqs first and take other classes while they wait for their apps to be considered, whereas all of us that do accelerated have degrees and are only taking prereqs. So I'm hoping I won't have to sit on my rear for an extra semester fighting the beareaucracy, but I should get a straight answer in a couple of days. I have my first two exams this week two, so I don't know how I'm doing yet. Oh, and my Life Cycle (devel. psych) exams are multiple choice, but we also have to write two very short papers this semester as well. Good luck everyone!