Nursing or USC?

  1. Greetings! I'm facing the dilemma of possibly trying to transfer to UCLA and pursue a Bsn or transfer to USC while pursuing a different major. USC have been my dream school since my junior year of high school. I would tell peers and classmates that one day I'll dress up in cardinal and gold and play as a walk on at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. I love the school so much! But they don't offer a Bsn and I'm torn. USC is the reason why I moved from a small town in Riverside County to South Los Angeles which I live just 4 miles away from USC. USC makes me happy but so does the thought of nursing! I honestly don't know what to do. I plan on praying and whichever decision I make it better be right for me. I am well aware that it's difficult to get into UCLA as a community college student but I am considering NYU (also being difficult). I've been searching the majors on USCs website and I don't know what to pick. Nursing is the only major that seems to interest me. I'm projected to graduate in 2020 but I trying to decide on what to major on already hindered me thus I'll probably graduate in 2022 or maybe even 2023, but I don't mind because I want to get the most out of my education. Most importantly, I want to be happy. I am not pleased with UCLA. I've visited that campus once in Westwood and I tried to not be biased at all but it didn't feel like home at all. When I'm at USC, I truly feel at home. I just wish they offered a Bsn! ): darn! I want to decide now So that I can transfer in the fall 2019. The classes that I'm taking now are already for UCLA. However, since USC is a private school I know that you don't have to complete all of the classes although it's recommended in order to be more competitive as a transfer student. I'm so torn. I want personal insight and guidance. As for NYU, I'm not so sure on the classes I'm supposed to take. I emailed the staff and despite not having an articulation agreement they welcomed me to apply whenever. Thanks in advance and thank you for reading this! By the way, ever seen the movie Rudy? Well that's me! Kind of
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  2. Poll: Should I attend USC and major in something else or attempt to transfer to UCLA or NYU?

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    • UCLA (bachelor of science in nursing) top 5

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    • USC (USC doesn't offer a BSN, so I don't know what else to major in that guarantees a career)

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    • pursue and associates at community college and graduate on time by 2020 (though really it should've been 2 years, but I'm indecisive)

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  4. by   petersalazar
    I just questioned myself tonight after looking at photos of future Trojans and transfer students getting accepted to USC. Their smiles and joy made me tear because I imagined me being that happy at USC since I was a junior in high school! However, I want the most out of my education and nursing really interests me.
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    If USC doesn't offer a major that you're interested in, then it doesn't make sense to go there. And it's pricey. You probably won't get into UCLA (or NYU for that matter, and that is also super pricey). But you are already in So Cal and there are tons of CSUs that offer nursing. It seems like you are attracted to "prestigious" sounding universities, but for nursing, that doesn't matter. You need a school with a solid reputation, which almost all of the CSUs have. And you won't have to go into excessive debt to get your degree.
  6. by   petersalazar
    Thanks! It probably doesn't make sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me. I don't plan on going to Cal States. I didn't get a good GPA and get into the honors program for nothing
  7. by   petersalazar
    I knew both USC and NYU are pricey however I planned on using loans if I chose one of them. I don't think of it as in debt but rather I think of it as an investment in my life! I want to get the most out of my education. I would need to speak in order for counselors to know my emotional appeal pertaining to Pac12 football and my story. Why not aim high? Everyone should! That's a chance I'm willing to take. I am well aware that the chances of getting rejected are great. Though I have many classes to fulfill and I'm on a roll
    Thanks for your feedback though. Plus I was considering Cal State Long Beach as a back up but my love for USC won't cease. It's truly a place like no other! In other words I might major in mathematics@USC and pursue football as a walk-on. I just thought about that this morning. Well I'm lost haha. Again, I appreciate your feedback! Didn't know nursing programs and prestigious schools didn't mean much. Excuse my indecisive self haha sorry
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    Quote from petersalazar
    I knew both USC and NYU are pricey however I planned on using loans if I chose one of them. I don't think of it as in debt but rather I think of it as an investment in my life! I want to get the most out of my education. #
    You should think of it as debt, because it is. It's only an investment in your life if your life is eventually bettered by it. If you go to USC because of its "emotional appeal" to you and end up with a degree you don't know what to do with, what's the point? You'll quickly realize just how real that debt is if you can't find a job to pay it off.
  9. by   petersalazar
    Then again there are athletic scholarships and other scholarships. But of course the odds aren't in my favor. And yes this " 'emotional appeal' " a school rich in history, tradition, and sports means a lot to me. In fact, I'm about to get ready to head off to USC and help out these workers even out the soil. I appreciate your concern regarding being in debt but I don't know what else to do. I can't just give up my hopes of playing PAC12 football in cardinal and gold although Nursing is something I care about as well. sigh... I might just stick to Nursing after all
  10. by   FuturePsychNP21
    This is so silly. First, if your heart isn't 100% in nursing, don't even bother entering a nursing program because you will not want to keep up with the workload if it isn't your passion (or at least something you're sure about). Second, think of a student loan as debt, it's not an investment in your future if you aren't going to get a much better job because of going to USC. Which you won't, especially not with a math degree. To be honest, no one cares where you went to undergrad when they are hiring, unless you went to somewhere really terrible. The CSUs are a great option for nursing, as is UCLA and both are much more affordable than USC. If you're set on a big name school save it for grad school (which you will absolutely need to go to if you major in math).
  11. by   Workitinurfava
    Do more research into what the day to day duties of a nurse involves. Yes picking a great school is important but picking a career/ job you can wake up and go to when needed is far more important. Be cautious when it comes to debts you will accrue to become a nurse. Starting out the pay is okay but with the debts....all I can say is bleh.
  12. by   petersalazar
    Nursing is the only major that interests me so that should say something about me. It's just that I'm so sad USC doesn't offer a BSN. I'm going for PAC12 schools if you haven't noticed other than NYU. Yes I know they're expensive. I thought about it as an investment in my life until one of you mentioned choosing the major without negative dollar value. Good point! Sigh... haha I am aware of how rigorous nursing can be. I've talked to a current nursing student telling me about it one time @the school library before the spring semester started this year. Well I've been thinking about it and I'm considering getting a BSN at UCLA, UC Irvine or perhaps NYU if I get a merits scholarship. Well if I get a BSN in nursing and excel in academics/ outside of academics I would have to wait a full year and gain nursing experience. With that I'll be able to pursue a masters degree in nursing @USC. However, I don't think football and nursing go together. I don't know. I really might let my football dreams go. Big sigh... Thanks for your feedback though. It's giving me a reality check. )-:
  13. by   cleback
    I wouldn't go to any pricey school if you don't know what you in a career. (Really... nyu is one of the most expensive in the nation!) Save the self exploration for community college. Otherwise, there is a real risk of having to work a lot of overtime/two jobs, postpone buying a house, postpone a family..., just to pay off your student debt. How is that investing in your future?
  14. by   petersalazar
    Again, I cleared that up in one of my recent comments mentioning reality check.Thanks though However I thought about it as an investment in my future because NYU would be a totally different college experience like no other. (Its location & opportunities, etc) and as for USC. Well none of you seem to understand how important USC is to me. Apparently I'm talking to adults that hardly cared for sports and what it can do for you outside of academics. Thanks for the reality check though. My final decision: I'm sticking with nursing. Thanks! I hope the next person going to comment reads this before I repeat myself haha Thanks everyone! Whichever or whatever university I end up transferring to I'll do my best either way. All the best to everyone! Cheers
  15. by   imenid37
    You are "young" even for your age. It seems you are very indecisive. If a big name school will make you happy, go for it! You may be sorry later when you have big debt and no job or even no degree if it doesn't pan out. I don't think anyone but you can tell you what to do at this point. In time, you will figure out if you made the right or wrong decision. You can always go for an accelerated BSN or Masters entry nursing program if nursing still interests you. It may mean HUGE debt. Maybe if you like math something like Pharmacy would suit you.

    I have a daughter who is a great student. She has an Ivy League Master's degree in history. Her sister has an ADN. The nurse is making the money for sure. My other daughter LOVED being a student and enjoyed her college experience. Now she is paying big loans on a small salary. I don't think she is entirely sorry, but it isn't easy. Fortunately, she is a thrifty person and so is her husband. Luckily, his IT degree from a state school is helping them to make it. They are in their late twenties and not able to afford to buy a house because of the amount of college debt. They are not unhappy per se BUT this is a stress for them.

    Good luck to you. Hopefully, you will find your way though it may take awhile.