NLN Results....

  1. I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you that took it just before then...are your results back yet?

    I was fine this morning until I looked out my window and saw the mailbox. Then it hit me. Now I'm a NERVOUS NERVOUS NERVOUS wreck!!

    Alrighty...hmmm. Well I'll be waiting on the mail truck.
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  3. by   DesertRain
    That's funny JDLAStew! I just asked mystiqx on a different thread if she got hers back because I remembered she took the same day I did. I asked because some of my classmates that took it 02/03 got their scores back!!! YIKES!! I haven't even checked my mail in a few days because I wasn't even expecting it to be there...but it might be....(cue the Jaws movie theme) scores might be in my mailbox...AHHHHHH. Okay no horsing around. I am crossing my fingers, toes and have everyone in my thoughts and prayers who is waiting for their NLN results. I am sure you did fine, don't worry please! Life needs breathing, so take a big one!
  4. by   JDLAStew
    Aww thanks Desert. I didn't get my results today. I was really hoping they would get here so I could get it over with! Ha! I'm torturing my family and I'm sure everyone on here too. I have never been so freaked over a stinkin' test in my whole life! Of course no test has ever has this kind of life changing circumstances included with it either. Can't believe that some people have theirs already and took the test after me. Hopefully it will just get here so I can take a deep breath........or faint.
  5. by   shippoRN
    im wondering if i put the correct address on the scantron?? I had forgotten my name for like a minute before the test started and we had to put our name and address and what not on the scantron and i even started writing my bday in the "todays date" section. The torture!
  6. by   hairtocare
    I took mine on 1/27 too and still no results. I was wondering if you got yours JDLAStew. I hear ya, I am so freaked out I can't concentrate on anything else. I keep procrastinating on all my other work, I just can't wrap my brain around anything other than this test score. I am hoping we hear something soon, hopefully tomorrow!! Keep us updated. I'm sweating with you!!! too many cigs here too!!!!!
  7. by   JDLAStew
    I think knowing those few people that took their test AFTER us already have their score makes it scarier! Ha! I'm with you though...I have 2 tests next week--one in A&P II and the other in Micro and I can't concentrate on those long enough to write out a index card with notes. It's killing me and I'm sure everyone around me! Hoping today will be the day...
  8. by   hairtocare
    Hopefully today is the day, I agree. But, what if the saying is true "ignorance is bliss", what if the results come in and they are not what I hope. O'boy, here goes another pack of cig's, I am so ******* nervous here. If it doesn't come in today, I am gonna freak. I work tomorrow during the day, so I can't run to the mailbox when it comes, and I can't wait all weekend if it doesn't come in. Maybe we could hold the mail carrier hostage??????????:roll See, I am getting ornary because I am so worked up over this....... mail should be here soon...
  9. by   Talulah117
    I got my scores back today ....but im too nervous to open them!!!!!!!
  10. by   nurse2btracy
    Quote from Talulah117
    I got my scores back today ....but im too nervous to open them!!!!!!!
    When did you take the NLN?
  11. by   Talulah117
    i took them on 1/27
  12. by   JDLAStew
    ACK!! My mail hasn't ran yet. I had a feeling today was the day...I hope mine come....oh geez. Now I need to vomit.
  13. by   JDLAStew
    Deleting double message....
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  14. by   Talulah117
    You can open my results if you want!!! lol
    Im very sad- i had made a really nice lunch, couldnt wait to eat it, and then i saw that my results had come in the mail and COMPLETELY lost my appetite!! greek salad with grilled chicken, anyone?