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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   Batman24
    Quote from JDLAStew
    I will tell you...I made 46 out of 60 on Verbal which blew me away that I missed that many. 31 out of 40 on math, and 44 out of 60 in Science...I was THRILLED with my science scores because I was sure I failed. I heard tonight at school some people were making 80s! A lot of my fellow competitors were in the 120s so I'm hoping with a few points higher, it will give me better chances of getting in.

    Hope that helps the way my hubby's best friend thinks he's batman! Ha! Still prayin' for ya.
    LOL!! It's been my nickname for years. I am however a BatGirl. :chuckle

    That helps a lot. I hope you all get in. My guess is with the scores I have been seeing from all of you that you are all safe.
  2. by   avamarie
    I am new to the forum... but I also took the exam!
    I am trying not to think about my results by enjoying the snow and valentine's day... hey celebrations and dinner works to calms nerves sometimes right?
    let the men pamper us today and just enjoy ourselves.
    Happy V-day everyone!
  3. by   roxxy3773
    What Batman said would make sense as to the difference, but it says on my result page that, "Scores on this examination form were updated using a pre-equating sample of 25,034 examinees tested in 2001-2002." So I assumed that meant that was the group we all were compared to, but now I am not sure. Maybe some scores are based on those you tested against, like the composite, and some are compared across the country? I have no idea. It also says, "Percentile norms are based on performance of:" and then it lists three different groups, diploma, ADN and all applicants, and then it lists the amount of people in each group, the number of programs, and the number of states. So after writing this I am thinking that maybe the percentiles are based on this larger group and maybe there is a different score for people you are testing against? I think I am making this way more complicated than it is!! But my overall impression is that it is based on more than just the people you sat next to for the test.
    I received a 49/60 on verbal (92nd percentile), 38/40 in math (98th percentile), and 48/60 in science (97th percentile). It put me in the 99th percentile overall and a composite score of 148.
    Not sure if that will help since we don't know what we are being compared to, but maybe someone will figure it out!
  4. by   roxxy3773
    Quote from avamarie
    I am new to the forum... but I also took the exam!
    I am trying not to think about my results by enjoying the snow and valentine's day... hey celebrations and dinner works to calms nerves sometimes right?
    let the men pamper us today and just enjoy ourselves.
    Happy V-day everyone!

    Welcome to the forum avamarie! Any kind of distraction helps!! I found the wait to be horrible so do whatever works! I have to wait just a short time more before I can be pampered, hubby is coming home from Iraq for his mid tour leave very soon! Yay!
  5. by   JDLAStew
    I don't know HOW they score, but my teacher said the questions were weighted. You might have not got as many right as I did hairtocare, but you might of had harder questions. Who knows...or maybe batman is right. All I do know is that my school is taking the top 23 scores and so far after comparing the last few days and last night I've got the 3rd highest--one girl made a 148 (freakin' genius!) and my friend made a 137. I hope no one is higher....geez is that wrong? Ha!

    And yes, any distractions...HELP!
  6. by   hairtocare
    O' how is one to know? geez, I am going to be on pins and needles now regardless until that letter comes in, and hopefully it is one of acceptance!!
  7. by   JDLAStew
    I'm sure it will scored HIGH! Do you know anyone else's scores to the school you are applying? Some people at my school were scoring in the 80s! I can't help but feel bad for them...these are people that want it as badly as I do.

    Can I just say I hate that test? I love that I did well but geez, your whole life is based on one stinkin' test. Talk about pressure! Then you have to wait for results...then for letters. AGH!

  8. by   hairtocare
    Thanks for your hopeful words!! I agree totally! I'm telling you, they are making sure our hearts acan take the stress.:chuckle This is crazy. We'llprobably know everyones personal life on here by the time our acceptances come in. (notice I said acceptances) Going to try to stay positive here!!
  9. by   ccozor00
    Hey... I am new to allnurses, but I am a friend of JDLAstew....I am her friend who got the 137.

    JDLA....I got sooo freaked out today...I got the mail, and I had a letter from BSC....I opened it and the first thing I read was.."Congradulations!" I was soo excited, until I continued to read..."Your application is now complete."
    I was soo hoping it was an acceptance letter...but NO...we will have to wait until sometime in March or April. Oh well. The waiting continues.
  10. by   JDLAStew
    Hahaha..CC I got the same letter. The first thing I said was Oh God Oh God Oh God...LOL Then it was nothing. Welcome to And to my other message board buddies.....she's my brainaic friend! ha! Miss 137!!
  11. by   Batman24
    Some of you that already took the class might be able to verify if this information is true or not. I have heard that the science portion includes some medical/nursing questions and that these don't count towards the grade. Does that ring true to some of you that took the test?!

    I envy all of you for being done. I can't wait until this is over. Too much pressure. lol
  12. by   Talulah117 im getting nervous about my scores again! i thought a 122 would be okay...but you guys all did so great! Stupid science section.... :angryfire
    I got the same letter about my application being you think its a bad sign that they spelled my first name wrong? lol
  13. by   JDLAStew
    I remember a question on there about a urine test and blood donation with type AB. That's all I remember in the medical type questions. Science had really stupid questions.....I don't care how many amps or ohms or whatever goes thru 20 volts in a parallel circuit. As long as my hairdryer works! Ha!