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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   mjm1979
    I'm surrently studying for the NLN and Physics is what has me the most worried. I've never taken a Physics class. The Chemistry is all coming back to me, as I've had some basic Chem in middle school, high school and my PN program. One of the things I'm wondering about the Physics portion is if they want questions answered in the British system or the SI system? For example, the formulas for acceleration of gravity. The acceleration of an object falling freely near the surface of the earth is 9.8 m/s squared or 32 ft/s squared... Do you suggest memorizing both formulas? What do they use on the actual test? It looks like there's going to be quite a few formulas to memorize and of course I don't want to memorize a bunch I won't need. Thanks.
  2. by   malarwen
    I wouldn't worry too much about physics formulas. The questions are mostly general. However, you will need to know basics math formulas. If you passed 9th grade math you should be just fine. Definitely look up chemical bonds - hydrogen, covalent...know the difference.
    I"m quite happy with my results although I didn't have time to study. I made 148 composite score and was in 99 percentile, so I'm hoping I will get in my school without any issues.
  3. by   omonhpy
    I haven't talked to you before and can't reply directly since I am new. I hope my score is good enough because I have to be somewhere in the fall and I am hoping that above 90 composite is good enough.
  4. by   EMTrn2be
    Is a 105 composite score good?
  5. by   omonhpy
    Look at what the all composite percentile score is. Some schools don't accept people that are under 90 percentile and some do. it depends on the other applicants. the composite score itself is used to get the percentile overall. This is what they look at.
  6. by   chicagoing
    Quote from EMTrn2be
    Is a 105 composite score good?
    Since a composite score of 100 is average, a 105 would be just slightly higher or better than average. Standard deviation is 20 so the 105 is closer to the the 50th percentile than it is the 68th percentile.
  7. by   EMTrn2be
    got it, Thanx for the help. looks like I have to take it again...
  8. by   chicagoing
    What percentile is your school of interest looking for? The community college program to which I applied required a minimum composite percentile 50. (50th percentile)

    Does your school base admission on composite percentile scores only?
  9. by   EMTrn2be
    It's a combination of a bunch of criteria... GPA (I have a 3.0) I believe I was in the 60% on the NLN (not that good).. They also Know I am an EMT-I and was a part-time fire fighter for the last few year (so I have experience)... AND I am male... and Mexican American.... Hopefully, all these factors put together make me stand out a little bit?? lol, but who really knows anyway!
  10. by   chicagoing
    At the very least, you sound like you have good solid experience and are a well-rounded applicant. Grades and test scores aren't everything (sure there some importance given to them, but that's to be expected). As for being a Mexican-American sure can't hurt I wish I'd see a more diverse group of students in my classes.
  11. by   flockyman
    Hi, I just took just finished taking my test. I am knew here though.. I am so worried now because nothing on the test was in the Study guide. I read it over like 15 times and practiced all the tests (English, Science and Math) over 12 times. I am highly disappointed right now. Does anyone know my chances? How can I start studying again? Please advise.
  12. by   CrimsonAlchemist
    Try to remember what was on the test and focus on those.

    I'm good at tests and focused my studying on my problem areas like math since we can't use calculators and I had to relearn long division by hand. Sad, I know, but before, I hadn't done any math by hand in about 4 years...ANYWAY, that was my only studying and I scored in the 96th percentile.
  13. by   sosnowto
    I'm taking the NLN on 7/7. Can anyone suggest strategies on how to study the vocabulary for this exam? I'm puzzled on how many POSSIBLE words there are out there. Hopefully, someone may have realized a more efficient apporach??

    Please help!!