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  1. I have to take the NLN to get into the nursing program at Normandale. I bought the study guide but the science section is so far beyond what I have learned. There also are anatomy questions and I have never taken anatomy before. Im still in high school and I graduate this year. My question is for the NLN test should I be able to take it right out of high school and do well? Or do the pre reqs to get into nursing teach you to do better in the science section. Pretty much do people get prepared for the NLN test by taking MicroBio and BioChem and Anatomy in college or should I be expected to take it right out of high school and do well? Im worried, The science is crazy. I have taken basic biology, environmental science, physics, and honors chem right now.
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    Before you apply for nursing school you need to take some pre-requisite classes. Once you are almost done with them, THEN you can apply to take the NLN test... once yo upass it and you're accepted, you then move into nursing school per se. When you graduate from nursing school, you'll be able to take the State Board exam (NCLEX-RN) to obtain a license as a registered nurse (RN).

    When you say "Normandale", is that the one in Minnesota? If so, access this link to learn more about their admission process: Admissions Requirements - Normandale Community College

    I strongly encourage you to give them a call an make an appointment with one of their advisors so they can answer all of your questions and guide through the process without missing anything.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   Devon Rex
    BTW... biochemistry is required for med students, not nurses.
  5. by   Miiki
    Quote from Devon Rex
    BTW... biochemistry is required for med students, not nurses.
    That depends on the school. There are nursing schools that require biochem.
  6. by   Devon Rex
    I guess... my bad. But, it seems extremely unreasonable because nurses hardly use any chemistry, why bother with biochemistry? All I have left in my nursing program is the final exit exam... we never used biochemistry nor is it included on the NCLEX-RN. Total waste of time, energy, and money.

    However, if you must take it to get into nursing school, then you have no choice. :/
  7. by   christwendt
    Thanks for the input but you still have not responding to my question about the NLN exam. I don't feel prepared for the science and anatomy sections to pass. My question is will the pre req classes prepare me to do better or should I already be expected to know everything? Also biochem is a pre req for Normandale :/ I have already obtained my acceptance letter and talked with them about the nursing program. Thanks-
    Also I have not gotten accepted to the nursing program but the school itself. Can't apply to the program until I finish the pre reqs and take the NLN exam.
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  8. by   Miiki
    I really doubt that you will have to take the NLN directly out of high school. You will have to take it prior to the deadline when you are actually applying for nursing schools. I've taken the Teas V and the HESI and the anatomy and physiology would have been hard without A&P I & II (I took no A&P in high school).

    In short, you will probably get to take some A&P in college before taking the NLN.
  9. by   Devon Rex
    I agree with Miiki.

    Good luck to you !!!